I Should Try To Be A Little Less Extreme; Los Angeles, CA
July 23, 2021

It's a beautiful day in Sunny Southern California...and I am in a good mood. Everything is going alright and I'm a happy kid today. Heading out to see 'State Radio' tonight at the House of Blues, so I am stoked about that show. They are a sick little band from the East Coast that I haven't had a chance to check out live yet. I always love when I get some time off because it means that I get to get back into one my real passions in life: checking out live music.

On another cool note, my little brother got into Berkeley (!), so I am pretty fired up about that. I'll be able to go up and visit him in the Bay, go to football games, and hear about general tomfoolery he gets into in my old stomping grounds. Pretty sick to have a legacy now in the family! It's funny because he used to continually screw with me when he was a kid about how he was going to go to Stanfurd (incorrect spelling intended for all you non-Bay Area-ites) when he grew up. Now he is a Bear, baby!

The next month should be all around good times, with just some work for the 'Road for you guys. I would love to sneak in some camping but I'm not sure if the schedule is going to permit it. Truth be told, I should just make time for it, regardless of whether or not it fits in the schedule...I probably do need to relax quite a bit more. Poker Radio

I have always been very extreme in my lifestyle. If I was studying, I would do it for 5 days straight. Same with partying, if that's what I was into at that time. Whatever I happened to be into at that given time, I would do it with a maniacal obsession that bordered on unhealthy -more than bordered if you ask people close to me. It was the same way when I first started playing online poker as well. It's all I could do. It was all I could think about. I just don't know any other way to be. I'm working on PokerRoad these days, and it's all I can really think about. I want things to be perfect with this project and thus it's difficult for me to ever lay it down until it gets that way. Pretty twisted when you attack your work the same way that you would attack having a good time too. What can I say? I'm more than a little twisted...


great news RT @ESPN California Golden Bears to keep baseball thanks to fundraising effort - http://es.pn/hHmaRl

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