TurkeyDay Hijinks...; Los Angeles, CA
November 27, 2021

Hope that everyone had a great time this past Thanksgiving, and managed to gobble up enough food to last them through to Christmas or Hanukkah, whatever the case may be. We had our usual massive TurkeyDay crowd, although this year was much smaller than year's past, as we topped out at "only" about 40 people. Yep, in our house that counts for a small gathering somehow...

We grubbed. We laughed. We told stories. It was all gravy, um, literally as well as figuratively. That was until, inexplicably, the drinking began...

Now, I actually have never been drunk on Thanksgiving in my life, but this year was completely different, for some reason. I cracked open a wine bottle, or three truthfully, and we were are all off to the races! Amanda, AlFX, and our buddy Grasso kicked things off with a battle of Wii tennis up in my room. Of course for us though, it was a battle where the loser had to do a shot of Jaeger or Ketel One. All bad, people, all bad. Poker Radio

One shot turned into two, two into three, and before we knew it there was a big number of the family up in my room playing Wii bowling, Wii tennis, online poker, hearts, and any other possible drinking game that you could imagine. We had us up there along with my Uncle Howie, my cousin Molly and her husband Dave, and a whole host of other willing participants. Suffice it to say, we all got very, very drunk. At least it was good times though...it was all smiles and laughter amidst the flowing alcohols...

Thankfully it was TurkeyDay, and I had a nice base to absorb the liquor.

It's off to Bellagio at the end of this week and hopefully some wins to speak of during this round of Vegas events. Wish me luck, yo, and I hope that all of your holiday days were as fun as mine was!


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