Out of WPT Borgata; Atlantic City, NJ
September 16, 2021

Hey All-
Just busted in Borgata, barely out of the money. Always fun times when that happens. I came in pretty exhausted into day 1, having gone to the Cal/Maryland game just outside of DC and then driving up to Atlantic City the morning of that first day. I hung in there all day though and managed to end with my stack at about 165k, up from our starting stack of 40k, so I was clearly happy. I built that stack despite never picking up Aces, Kings, Queens, or even Jacks. Pretty odd to never pick up a big pair at all for an entire day...or so I thought...

Day 2 was more of the same, but just more of a struggle. Again, I never picked up a big pair all day, but just hunkered down and played the short stack all day, eventually ending up with about 145k to end the day after having been as short as 70k or so a few times. I played with Nam on my direct right most of the day and I tried to take some lessons from his patience, which seemed to work. Still, no big pairs at all! Come on, man! Haha...

Day 3 was quick and brutal. I stole a few pots, and lost a few others and had about 110k when I finally picked up Aces (!). Eureka! The excitement was all short lived however as even though I was able to get my opponent to call my all-in with Jacks, there was a Jack on the flop and that was the end of my day. I'm on a pretty unbelievably sick cold streak where I just can't get any of my strong hands to hold up against the competition. It is starting to get a little disheartening, to be honest with you. Tough to battle for days and days just to have your big hands cut down over and over. Especially when you see other players continually get their money in bad and continually win big hands. Aya, don't want to take a detour to whiny bitch town though, so I'll buck up. I guess I will find my mojo again soon and end this streak, so there's something... Poker News

I'll just be chillin' in Atlantic City the rest of the week doing the radio show before heading back to LA...

Talk to ya...


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