Needing Some Results & Doyles Room on Friday; Los Angeles, CA
September 24, 2021

Back in LA, if only for a few days, and just wanted to give you guys a quick shout out. We're getting closer to the end of the year and I really need to do something soon in a tournament to avoid having a truly miserable year in poker...playing at least. I guess I have to give myself some slack because most of my time and energy has been devoted to PokerRoad, rather than actual poker tournament playing. Still, it's not fun to not put up any hopefully that will end soon.

I have had my shot here and there, but it seems like I have been running a little dirty ever since just before the WSOP. No complaints though, as variance will always reign it's ugly head. I figure I'm due to take down my next 2 or 3 major events. Haha...

I'm taking off for Aruba tonight, and my annual trip there with friends, this year with LA Mike and Amanda. It usually corresponds with playing in the Ultimate Bet event there, but this year I have decided to scrap playing the event in light of all the shenanigans that have been going on online with their company. I even thought about not making the trip, with concerns that people would perceive it as supporting UB by being there during that span of time, but ultimately I decided that the trip meant enough to me to make it. I have gone there about 5 years in a row and my year would be lacking if I didn't make the trek, I think...

I think definitely not playing in the tournament is enough of a concession, as I really don't want to miss making this trip for myself.

We'll be sure to shoot some 'blogfessional' videos on the island, so you guys can see some of the trouble that we will be getting into...

Talk to you...


PS- PokerRoad has teamed up with DoylesRoom to offer you guys another way to win your way into the DoylesRoom $250k this weekend! Check out our special fan appreciation tournament on DoylesRoom this Friday night! We're going to give away 10 seats, so be sure to grab yours!

PokerRoad Teams Up With DoylesRoom
-Giving away 10 seats to the $250k

PokerRoad is excited to team up with DoylesRoom for this
great offer to our loyal PokerRoad Fans.

DoylesRoom has generously put up 10 seats into their $250k Guaranteed Saturday tournament this week (a $1,650 value), and you can win one just by signing up and participating in the PokerRoad & DoylesRoom Fan Appreciation Private Tournament on Friday, Sept 26 at 10:30 PM EST.

The buy-in will be $5 +.50 with a main event seat going to each of the top ten finishers.


1. If you do not have a DoylesRoom Online Poker account, go to and download the software. Sign up, get yourself a cool nickname.
2. Make a deposit.
3. Find and register for the PokerRoad & DoylesRoom Fan Appreciation Tourney (Password: PokerRoad08) located in Scheduled Tournaments>Private>PokerRoad $250K 10 seat guaranteed
4. Knock out Sebok in 11th place, win the seat, and take down the big one on Saturday. Couldn't be easier.


1. Log in to your account.
2. Make a deposit (this isn't required, but it would help out the PokerRoad family)

3. Find and buy-in to the PokerRoad & DoylesRoom Fan Appreciation Tourney (Password: PokerRoad08)

4. Knock out Sebok in 11th place, win the seat, and take down the big one on Saturday. Couldn't be easier.

We are going to get some of the PR family to play in the tourney, so come on and sign up for this huge overlay tournament (and you might even be able to suckout on Huff, watch Court muck-muck-muck-muck, or put Ali on tilt!).

PokerRoad & DoylesRoom Fan Appreciation Private Tournament


Time: Friday, September 26th at 10:30 PM EST

Buyin: $5.00 + $0.50

Added Prizes: 10 Seats will be awarded into's $250k Guaranteed Super Saturday Main Event on

Saturday, Sept 27th at 4pm ET

Password: PokerRoad08


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