Heading Home & Hang Tough, Cubs Fans; Aruba
October 3, 2021

What an absolutely beautiful week here in Aruba. I got up late, laid on the beach all day, soaked in the sun...really, just an awesome week. I did have to work hard to not play the tournament, as Matt Savage...among others...put on the full court press to try to get me to play. I managed to actually have a vacation without ANY poker though, so I'm happy about that.

Leaving tomorrow and heading for home, and getting back into the swing of things with work and online poker. I'll have a few days to relax, and hopefully take in quite a lot of playoff baseball, as that is really starting to roll. On that note, and you knew this was coming...

It was utterly horrible to watch my Cubbies play these last two games. Game one was tough and we got clipped by all the walks Demp kept handing out. Pretty obvious that you aren't going to win games when you put people on base over and over. Then yesterday in game two it was way more than obvious that the boys were pressing ridiculously. I love DeRo, but his statement that yesterday's game was a 'must-win' was just so dumb to make. There is already so much pressure on the Cubs to win in Chicago, and then you start adding in statements like that and it just gets even tougher. I don't remember the last time I saw a game as ugly as that one. Just relax and play, Cubs! If you win, you win...if you lose, you lose, but forget all this curse garbage...JUST PLAY!

Whether it was a 'must-win' or not was completely irrelevant. You just gotta go out and play the game and see what happens, especially in a game like baseball with so much time to spend inside your head, waiting for your at bats, or your pitcher to pitch. Adding more to think about is just a crucial error. Poker News

Now is not the time to lose the faith though, Cub fans. I hated seeing and hearing all the bullshit booing from us at Wrigley yesterday. That kind of garbage is exactly why it is so tough to win in Chicago during the playoffs for us. The pressure is just unbearable. I fully expect the boys to get to LA though and play as they have played all year. Chicago is a better team that LA and I think once they get out of the city...sad to say it...that they will start playing like it. I fully expect to be playing game 5 at Wrigley next week...

Keep in mind we just have to win three straight, which is something that we did about 50 times this year. We aren't out of this thing yet, people...so, hang tough...

Flying all day tomorrow, so that should be a ball as always, getting in late tomorrow night. We'll be coming at you next weekend from Niagara Falls, so be looking for that from 'PokerRoad Radio'. I miss my boys, so should be good times from there...


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