Day 2 From Bellagio In The Books; Las Vegas, NV
October 23, 2021

Hey! Day 2 at the Bellagio is finished up and I managed to build up a pretty nice chip stack, which sits at 327k, going into tomorrow. Good stuff...

Had a fairly tough table today, starting out with Nam Le, Scott Seiver, and Daniel Alaei...definitely not the best. I got out of the gate quickly, building up from 142k to about 210k, but then just vacillated between that high and about 170k for the next 4-5 hours. Couldn't get much going, didn't pick up any hands, and the rest of the table was playing tough as could be.

Things didn't get any easier as the day progressed. Mike Wattell, Theo Tran, and Ryan Young joined the table and it was an interesting mix of players, with a little bit of everything from tight to was all fun and games until Ryan and I played a MONSTER pot late in the day...

Ryan limped under-the-gun for 2k with blinds at 1k-2k. The semi-crazy guy to my right flat-called and I looked down at two Queens. I made it 11k straight to go...and both players called! Aya, dicey spot... Poker News

The flop came down 2 8 9, all diamonds...and I had the Queen on diamonds. Both player checked to me and I bet 22k into the pot. Ryan then check-raised me to about 65k or so. Semi-crazy guy then folded and I moved the rest of my remaining chip stack into the middle. Ryan called quickly and showed me his pocket pair of deuces, for the flopped set. Ugh, not what I wanted to see at all...but lady luck was on my side as the turn came with the Ace of diamonds, giving me the flush. Ryan didn't fill up his boat and I more than doubled up on the hand, to about 315k. Woo-hoo! Monkeys in a tree!

I ended up slightly better than that total and am stoked to get back into it tomorrow. Wish me luck! All is going well so far...


Music for today...

Green Day
String Cheese Incident
Stacey Pullen
Paul Van Dyk
Guess Who
Guns 'N Roses
Jack Johnson

tonight seems like a really good time to crack a corona and stick in "point break" -best idea i was given today/tonight

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