3rd Day Over At Bellagio...Feelin' Good; Las Vegas, NV
October 24, 2021

Wow, just finished one hell of a roller coaster day at Bellagio. Getting closer though...gaining momentum...feeling good...

Day started off pretty grossly, with me falling from the ranks of the chipleaders, all the way down at one point to about 180k. Just couldn't get anything going and had a tough early table today with Andrew Robl and Dutchy Boyd to my immediate lefts, along with Theo Tran, Toto Leonidas, and Zach Hyman to kick things off. A barrel of monkeys (in a tree!), huh? Every time I bet, someone was there raising. When I bluffed, I was getting called. When I had the hands and value-bet, they were folding. Just couldn't get much going at all...

Even when a few people busted, the table just got sicker, as Doyle Brunson, Erica Schoenberg, and Nenad Medic. This was a sick table, people, and I was just trying to keep my head above water for most of it. Robl gave me the most trouble all day, even though we traded big pots for the first few levels, in the end he got the best of me by winning two big ones as the day wore on. He forced me to play one hand (Ace-King suited in clubs) so badly that it was just embarrassing. Instead of scooping the pot for myself, I ended up doubling him completely up, which was sicker than sick...ugh, definitely the disgusting misplay of the day. Poker Radio

Once we broke tables and I arrived at my new one, I was sitting on about 245k in chips and then things just took off from there. Jamie Rosen ended up doubling me up when he moved in on me with Ace-Jack and I held two Queens. That got me to about 500k in chips and then I played the sickest pot towards the end of the day.

My opponent had just doubled up Dutch Boyd with an all-in bluff that didn't quite work out, so I thought he was a little tilty. the very next hand he opened again in late position and I looked down at King-Queen in the big blind. I definitely wanted to raise him, as I thought he was absolutely opening very light and wouldn't be able to call my raise. The problem was that I thought he was tilty enough that if I three-bet him, he might just move in, thus taking the play away from me and putting me in a tough spot. Instead of this I decided to just ship it in and get him to fold...but it didn't quite work out that way... He put me on Ace-King, which was exactly what I wanted him to do, and then he said, "You've gotta have Ace King...ahhh, fuck it, I call..." Aya, bad news for Seebs! He flipped up his Ace-Jack (!) and we were off to the flop, which came with a disastrous Ace right there to kill me. As it has been in this tournament though, I have just been running so sick...(finally!)...and the turn and river brought the beautiful site of two more Queens to match the one in my hand...

Wow, just a sick suckout for me at the end of the day to get my stack up to about 900k. Some luck! I'm lovin' it!

Things just went up from there and I ended the day with 1,100,000 in chips, good for 4th place heading into tomorrow, with 34 players left. Wish me some luck...things are looking good, but there's still a lot of online poker left to be played...and a ton of dangerous players left in the field...

I definitely wouldn't mind picking up that $1.4 million for first...cross fingers!


Music for the day...

Kings Of Leon
Basement Jaxx
Parker Street Cinema
Ministry Of Sound
Virginia Coalition
Jeff Buckley
Blind Melon

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