9thBok Was The Finish, Sorry To Disappoint You All; Las Vegas, NV
October 26, 2021

Just wanted to stop in real quick and say thank you guys for all the love and support for me the last 5 days or so. The PokerRoad forums have been amazing and I love you guys tons and tons. I feel so bad for disappointing everyone that was rooting for me by not making the final 6, and the televised final table. I'm really sorry for that...

7/8's of the day went exactly as I had planned and I was able to jump all over everybody else and basically either have the chiplead or be tied for it almost the entire day. The gross thing was that the blinds got up to 50k/100k, which is beyond huge for our stack sizes. Look at it like this: I had the sizeable chiplead, with 3.25 million, and I ONLY had 32 big blinds. Pretty sick when you think about it... Poker TV

It all turned very quickly, as I picked up Ace-King and lost 1 million in a race against 7's. Soon after that I was locked up in another hand with ElkY, where he...yet, again...raised from the small blind into my big blind. He made it 275k, and with me only having about 1.95 million behind, I really felt that I had to shove there to try to pick up the pot. Our stack sizes just weren't such that I could call anymore and try to outplay him. I would just be paying too much of a price, chipwise, to make it worth it. Plus, ElkY's range is incredibly wide to say the least. With all that said, I looked down at King-9 and decided that was sufficiently enough ahead of his normal range for me to make a stand with it.

He hemmed and hawwed for about 60 seconds and then eventually made the call and turned up a killer for me: Ace-9, and I was completely dominated. I wasn't able to suck out, obviously, and that was it for me. Another failed attempt at cracking one of these damn things.

I would be lying if I told you that I wasn't starting to feel cursed when it comes to these. It seems that I find every way imaginable to NOT make these televised final tables. It's getting me down, and I will need to figure out something to do differently to break through. Granted, the blinds skyrocketing up forced my hand a bit, but still, there has to be something that I can adapt to better to give me a bit more of an edge...these situations are really starting to get old, and starting to wear on me psychologically a bit. Luckily, I will bounce back...my silly ass always does...

Once again, I can't thank all you guys enough. You just straight up kick ass and you make these deep runs so much more worth it. I am truly very sorry for disappointing you all...

See you from Foxwoods soon...


tonight seems like a really good time to crack a corona and stick in "point break" -best idea i was given today/tonight

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