Bellagio $5k; Las Vegas, NV
December 2, 2021

Blah, I haven\'t been running well the last couple of times I played online poker. I decided to play a satellite last night and ended up getting beat up a little bit, as I managed to lose with 10 10 vs. 85, all in preflop and chop with QQ vs. 79. Grrrrrr...welcome to Vegas...

Despite that though, I came into today feeling primed and ready to go. I was super happy with how I played, but just wasn\'t able to get much going. I did have one big shot when I locked up in a pot with Darrell \"Gigabet\" Dicken. I flopped top two with AQ, but he got a little lucky on me when he hit his set of 5\'s on the turn after we got the money in on the flop. It\'s not quite as sick as it sounds though, as he also had a draw to boot, so he had considerably more outs than you would think. Poker Videos

That was a big pot though, about 15k, and would have put me over 20k, which was great for that point in the tournament. After that I played a big pot with two Queens, but I was forced to lay it down on a Jack-high flop when there was a sick amount of action. As it turned out, one of my opponent\'s had flopped a set of 6\'s, and Scotty Clements was also in great shape against my hand with two overcards and a flush draw, so it was a good laydown.

Couldn\'t get much else going for the rest of the day and I had to satisfy myself with a bit of a punishing run after I busted. The bust, coupled with the fact that it looks like my Cal Bears are going to lose (!!) to hated Stanfurd and it has not been a good day, my friends. Not a good day at all...

Yo, I\'ma go grab some sushi and try to forget that we lost Big Game this sick...


tonight seems like a really good time to crack a corona and stick in "point break" -best idea i was given today/tonight

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