Post TurkeyDay Update; Las Vegas, NV
December 1, 2021

Had an awesome weekend with the family these past few days. TurkeyDay was a blast, as it always is, and we did it up huge with all sides of the family coming out and representing. The turkey was flowing, the stories were flowing, as was the wine, and my favorite holiday lived up to it's billing yet again.

On Friday night, some of the cousins (Molly, Matt, Mike, & Dave) and I headed out to Westwood and hit up a hookah bar, having a great time and cutting loose a bit. We are all a little bit older now...wouldn't necessarily say wiser, but that's a story for another blog. Once again, the stories were flowing, the smiles were flowing, but this time the wine was replaced with tequila, which always has it's own set of tales...which is, again, a story for another blog.

With that said, I have arrived here in Vegas to do battle at the Bellagio with my friends and see if I can take down some cash. Wish me luck and I'll keep you all in the loop for how things are going... Poker Radio



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