Hangin' In Sin City, Doing Nothing In Particular; Las Vegas, NV
December 9, 2021
Hey ya'll, just stopping in to let you guys know what I have been up to...which honestly hasn't been much.
I have played several of the Bellagio prelims (aren't I supposed to DOMINATE these?  Haha...), but haven't gotten much going.  I generally played until about 9pm, with the field hitting the cash around 10 or 11pm, so it's been a bit irritating.  Bear and I started out the $5k event on the same table and after a few levels had gone by, one of the other player's said, "Jeez, what is this?  The father and son joke hour?"  Apparently we were hamming it up a bit and having some fun, which everyone seemed to enjoy, including us.
I actually used to absolutely hate playing with Bear as he would pick every detail out that I had been doing incorrectly at the table, but these days it is much more constructive so I don't mind it at all.
The main thing I have been doing a ton of this last two weeks has been playing racquetball almost every day, and sometimes twice a day.  It has been a blast, not to mention helping to keep my ass in shape, and Court and I have really gotten after each other a bunch.  We even have gotten Jeff Madsen and Jon Friedberg to come out and make some appearances, so it's been good times. Poker Videos
Not too much else has been going on.  A bunch of us went out to a hookah bar here in Vegas and drank the night away before heading over to Brandon Cantu's house for more drinking and smoking of the hookah (he owns one himself), along with some card games and a mini one-table SNG tournament where Cantu and I got heads up.  He put up a hell of a fight, but it was tough to overcome me when I picked up, in a span of 6 hands, Aces twice, Kings, and Queens.  Swear it.  It was filth.
That's all I got for my peeps until the main event begins on Saturday.  I'm fired up to be at Bellagio, as it seems like I generally do well in the mains here, so I'm looking for that to continue.
One thing that has really sucked today was that I read that Kerry Wood is close to signing a deal with the Cleveland Indians.  Just the thought of K next year in a non-Cubs uniform is enough to make my stomach turn.  Kerry epitomized what it was to be  Cub...to fight back year after year after all of his injuries.  He is tough as nails and I be sadder than sad to see him go.
Also, I have been working on my year end music list...best of '08...so be looking for that just before the New Year's hits...
Catch up with you all soon...
PS- Oh, and I also saw "Milk" last night.  I already knew the story of Harvey Milk's time in San Francisco, but it still was truly heartbreaking to see it all played out on screen.  I strongly suggest that anyone in California who voted "yes" on Prop 8 check out this film and give some thought to your feelings there...sorry, enough of my soapbox...
tonight seems like a really good time to crack a corona and stick in "point break" -best idea i was given today/tonight

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