Bahamas Poker Chillin'; Nassau, Bahamas
January 7, 2022
Kickin' it in the Bahamas and got off to a terrible start today in the tournament.  We began with 20k in chips and I was immediately in the hole, losing my first several hands, and getting down to about 15k.  The spiral continued into the second and third levels and suddenly I wound up with only 6k.  Ugh.  Definitely not the start I was looking for.  I managed to ride my short stack for the next two or three levels, sliding between 6k and 8k, but got lucky right before dinner and managed to make a small run, up to about 19k.
After dinner I started to pick up a few hands, as well as managing to steal a few pots here and there, and somehow found myself with about 65k, which seemed like a million to me after the start I had.  Sadly for me though, I ran myself into a bit of a gross cooler at this point...
I opened up the action with KQ offsuit from middle position.  The action rolled around to the blinds, where the big blind called my raise and we saw a flop of A K 4, all diamonds.  I had the Queen of diamonds, so it wasn't a bad flop for me at all.  He checked it over and I made my normal continuation bet, which was rudely answered with a small raise from him. Poker Videos
I didn't like it, and reraising here was an option.  I didn't like the Ace on board though and just elected to call, as he made it cheap enough for me to.  The turn was the Queen of spades and now I knew I wasn't going to be able to get away from this hand, beat or not probably.  He bet out 13k, with the pot being about 25k at this point.  I didn't see how I had any other move other than pushing all in, so I did so.
He insta-called me, so I was hoping he didn't already have the made flush.  He did have a big hand, Ace-King (top two pair), but I would have thought he would have taken a second or two to think about calling, as it was his tournament life.  I was in worse shape than I thought, as my two pair was obviously dead.  I needed either another Queen or a diamond to win this huge pot and take me up to about 110k in chips...but no love.  The 10 of spades rolled off and I was back down to begging for scraps at the online poker table...
I managed to hang on for another level or so, but ultimately the blinds caught up to me and I went bust in the last level of the day.  I am bummed, despite being in the Bahamas.  I really wasn't looking to hang out and have fun this trip and would rather have just kept busy in the tournament.  I guess I should stop whining and enjoy the sun now, eh?  Probably...
If anything interesting happens out there I'll be sure to let you kids now about it...
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