Adventures In Bikram Yoga; Los Angeles, CA
January 28, 2022
Wow. That's really all I got after attending my first Bikram Yoga class tonight. I have a STRONG newfound respect for those who practice yoga religiously, especially Bikram. That class kicked my ass in every direction possible. It honestly was one of the most physically difficult things that I have ever done. No lie.
For those of you who don't know, Bikram is basically practicing yoga in gnarly hot temperatures (about 105 degrees), so not only are you trying to contort yourself like a pretzel, but you are actually trying to do it in an oven. Clearly much tougher. Definitely a challenge, and I absolutely love challenges, so you know I will be going back for more. I mean, I run almost every day, have played sports since I was a little kid, and snapped ligaments and broken bones before in physical activities, but as far as a straight up challenge -something just hard to get through- I don't think anything touches my initial foray into Bikram. Wow. Kicked my ass.
I went in Redondo Beach, with Ms Leatherman, who had been a few times before. I really walked in thinking it was going to be tough of course, but nothing like it actually was. Your muscles are shaking, your heart is pounding in your head, you feel like you are going to pass out...or throw up...or both, but you absolutely know that you are doing something great for your body and your mind. You can definitely feel it as it's happening, as well as after you leave. Great stuff.
Haven't been doing much else. It's been nice to be home and really sink my teeth into, cleaning things up in the organization, as well as getting people back on track. It's a big challenge to try and do so from the tournament stops so I am trying to take full advantage of being home now. Poker Radio
'PokerRoad Radio' will be becoming a much more regular show now, with many more studio stops, and probably somewhere in the neighborhood of half the tournament stops. Seems like that's what you kids out there are wanting, so we're gonna give it to you. As well, our new show, 'The Poker Beat', will be debuting this Thursday with Scott Huff (shocker!) so be sure to tune into that. Should be a blast...
When I haven't been working I have been frantically trying to watch all the series' of 'Heroes' before it returns to TV next week. I always try to NOT get sucked into shows, but this was one that I always wanted to see. It definitely aligns very well with my interests in entertainment...what can I say? I'm a big kid, really. I have to say though, season 3 has dipped a bit, with new characters with new powers coming into the fray every episodes. One of the things that made the first two seasons so cool was that all these characters super abilities were very hush-hush and didn't get overexposed, so I'm hoping that second half of season 3 gets back to that. We'll see...
Hope everyone is well out there in Internet land. You'll be hearing from me again soon...when I have something of interest to say...



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