Takin' Up Space in LA & LAPC; Los Angeles, CA
February 22, 2022
Wow, have I been sucking at keeping you guys updated for a while now.  I have just been super busy, but not with anything that is worth writing about...and thus, I have kept my "pen" quiet.  Just a lot of work, a lot of running, and a lot of bikram yoga...who wants to hear about that?
I did play the LAPC here in Los Angeles starting yesterday and had a great starting day, building my stack up from 20k to just over 60k in chips, all despite having a true table of reschneffulous death.  It went around the table something like this...
(Me), Phil Laak, Chau Giang, Shaun Deeb, Dustin Woolf, Anna Wroblewski, Rob Mizrachi, and Dennis Phillips.
Wow,  truly a tough one.  I really didn't do much throughout the day and just happened to pick up cards when I needed to though and ended well, as I said. Poker Videos
Today however was a completely different story.  I can honestly say that I have never had a day quite like today in online poker.  I came in with great chips and then proceeded to lose every single hand that I played.  I mean, it was incredible.  I busted midway through the third level and wasn't able to win a pot that ever had any betting past the flop.  Wow.  I had my share of hands as well.  I picked up a number of big pairs, but always ran into trouble somewhere along the way and could never quite pull the rabbit out of the hat at the end.
I got down as low as 5k at one point, but was able to nurture that back up to 14k somehow, without getting to any showdowns.  I then made the fatal error of picking up AQ after a Freddy Bonyadi raise.  I shipped it on in there and after some serious deliberation, Freddy called with his 7's.  They held up and I was sent packing.  It was shame too, as had I won that pot I really would have been back in business, with about 30k in chips.  Some days, baby, some days...
I might try to get home tonight in time to kick back and watch the Oscars.  I'm pulling for Slumdog, Mickey Rourke, Kate Winslet, and Heath Ledger...
Holler at you all soon...
Music for the last couple of days...
Kings Of Lean, "Only By The Night"
Josh Joplin Group, "Useful Music"
No Doubt, "Return To Saturn"
Freddy Jones Band, "Lucid"
Citizen Cope, "Clarence Greenwood Recordings"
Bob Mould, "Body Of Work"
Mae, "Destination: Beautiful"
Mat Kearney, "Mat Kearney"
Foo Fighters, "The Colour  & The Shape"
@howardhlederer @the_USO @HuckleberrySeed @phil_hellmuth @AnnieDuke @Tom_Dwan safe travels + great trip for you all.

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