Broadcast/Webstream, LIVE, PURE nightclub, 10pm PST; Las Vegas, NV
March 5, 2022
Man, o man.  Way too much going on in the last week...
I managed to make it to day two of the WPT Celeb Invitational last weekend, but sadly my run was cut short by going pretty card dead on that next day.  Maybe it had something to do with me not imbibing that day...?  I do remember in psychology that we studied how you should put yourself back into a similar state when you initially achieve success to replicate it, i.e., if you study for a final super stressed and on a time crunch, odds are that you should also be stressed when you actually take that actual final.  All of this psycho-babble is for naught though, as I wasn't about to start slamming shots of tequila at 2pm the next day...
Luckily for me though I had someone to root on after my own passing...our own Ali Nejad.  He played like an absolute star and managed to make it down to the final table.  At this point, sadly, it seems my own luck snuck in and Ali was only able to muster a (gulp) Seventhbok finish.  Oh, the sickness of it all!  We need to exorcise this PokerRoad Radio curse...and fast, before someone gets hurt even further.
This weekend is the NBC HeadsUp tournament and I'm proud to say that PokerRoad Radio will be broadcasting from it at Cesar's Palace all weekend.  As well, we will be covering the drawings party tonight...LIVE...from PURE nightclub here in Vegas.  Tune in on!  (see below...)
PokerRoad Radio Covers The NBC Pure Pick Party...LIVE!

In an exciting coup for the PokerRoad Radio guys, it looks like PokerRoad Radio will be covering the NBC National Heads-Up Online Poker Championship Draw Party, live, directly from the heart of the action in the PURE nightclub in Las Vegas.

As PokerRoad Radio's Ali Nejad will be hosting the star-studded party itself, that night's PokerRoad Radio in both audio and video form will be guest hosted by none other than Scott Huff of Two Jacks In The Hole fame, along with Joe Sebok, and Jimmy "Gobboboy" Fricke.

The madness that is sure to ensue (especially once the alcohol starts flowing) is scheduled to kick off TONIGHT March 5th at 10 PM PST (although you may want to log in early just in case) and will go until all the picks are in and the party)
See you all in cyberspace during the broadcast/webstream...

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