Back from Bay 101; Las Vegas, NV
March 22, 2022
Just back from a quick trip to Bay 101, and a quick 25th place finish.  I swear, man, I should just set up shop in the Bay Area and play online poker.  Seems like every time I play that event I cash in it.  My record is just sick there.  Still, no elusive final table, so not a success really, although nice to at least get a cash, obviously. 
I seemed to always be in pretty good shape throughout the whole tournament and for quite some time was one of the chipleaders, with about 360k.  I had a tough hand when Marco Johnson brought it in from early position, I guess for about 9k, so blinds were probably 1500-3000 at that point.  He got a caller from a decently tight player, which typically means something like 99 or AQ, but then a reraise from Mike Kamran.  I look down at AK on the button and have everyone outchipped by about 100k, so for me the play was pretty automatic...move them all in.  I obviously hope they all fold and I pick up a quick 50k-60k without seeing a flop.  I had a conversation with Amnon Filippi during dinner that night where he sang the praises of playing Ace-king slow (ala Mike Matusow), but I really believe in those types of situations, where you have people outchipped and scared of you, you really need to try and hammer them with your Ace-Kings.  Also, keep in mind that just the fact that you have those two cards in your hand means that they are less likely to have Aces or Kings in theirs. Poker TV
Of course, everything I just said was totally proved wrong when he called and showed me his Kings.  Haha.  I was down to about 100k, but was pretty happy with how I played after that.  I just hung in there and fought and battled...up and down, up and down.  Eventually the next day I ended up getting it in with Freddy Bonyadi when I raised with 99 and he reraised me, for the third time, as he had been doing to everyone every other hand with his 800k stack.  I moved my last chips into the pot and he called me with his pocket Queens.  I was ok with that decision as well, given how aggressive he was playing with his stack.  Just didn't go my way.  Out 25th.  See ya!
Anyways, just got back to Vegas and have been trying to keep up with all my separate technologies.  If it's not writing blogs, it's hopping onto the PokerRoad forums, or facebooking, or now twittering, which is my new things.  It's really amazing how all of these little devices and websites have taken over our lives.  Not saying it's bad, and not saying it's good.  Just interesting to watch this revolution take place is all.  Twitter is all the rage and kinda fun as well, I'm not going to lie.  Hope on there and check it out for yourself...
Not much else going on.  I am hard at work planning PokerRoad's World Series of Poker coverage.  We are doing some absolutely sick things, and you aren't going to want to miss one second of me!  Just're all going to love what we send your way.
Gonna rush off now, heading out to see, "I Love You, Man" here in a bit.  Don't worry, I doubt you'll be getting any blogfessional breakdowns about life and how much this movie really made sense to me.  Haha...


@howardhlederer @the_USO @HuckleberrySeed @phil_hellmuth @AnnieDuke @Tom_Dwan safe travels + great trip for you all.

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