Heading Home; Las Vegas, NV
March 30, 2022
Heading back to LA here in a few hours.  Am still pretty exhausted from being sick during my entire trip to Vegas, complete with a 5am trip to the urgent care clinic on the Strip.  Not cool!  Haha.  Obviously not the best trip ever...
Had a blast at DreamTeam Online Poker though.  Great, super fun event.  Neither of our teams happened to do very well, sadly.  I got bad beat by Jamie Gold (AK< A5) all in preflop for the chiplead with 50 players remaining, and much more depressingly, our contest winner Zac Karim went out disgustingly on the bubble, 27th with 25 players paid.  Ugh.  Zac killed it and he deserved better... Poker News
I'll holler from back in LA soon.  You kids be good, and don't do anything I wouldn't do...
PS- Be looking for some studio shows from Ali and I next week, from LA.  I am also getting fired up for the WSOP hijinks that we are planning for all you fans.  You guys are going to be happy.  Very, very happy...
great news RT @ESPN California Golden Bears to keep baseball thanks to fundraising effort - http://es.pn/hHmaRl

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