Time Just Keeps Rollin' Baby, Doesn't It?; Las Vegas, NV
April 14, 2022
Another sunrise, another sunset.  Time keeps rolling along and sometimes I question where everything is headed.  I often think that I'm just repeating the same things over and over, not in a bad way, but still, in a repetitious way.  Not always for me to judge if that's good or bad.  One truth in my life has been that I am always in love with the 'new' of situations...sometimes whether it's good or bad.  I just love new experience in all ways...
I'm back in Vegas now, and I was really happy to come back this time.  It felt comfortable coming over that final hill and seeing the strip(per) appear on the horizon.  Ha.  Not sure why.  At any rate, it's a super busy time of year.  The WPT championship is just around the corner.  I usually have a good showing there, so I am hoping to continue that streak.  Someone told me that I have the most cashes of anyone on the WPT tour this year.  Kinda cool, although kinda all for naught without that massive score too.  Whatevs, I'll take the feathers in my cap where I can get them....ha....
Popped over to Lara Miller's beer pong extravaganza today and had a great time there, although I wasn't drinking.  All kinds of poker players found their way over to downtown Vegas...which is a trip in itself, but that's a story for another blog...and everyone seemed to enjoy the time away from the felt.  Lara did a hell of a job, so I have to give her all the love in the world for that.  Solid work!
{{{Mental Note:  Downtown Vegas is the land that time forgot.  It'll blow your mind, man, but still kind of a blast to hang out down there...}}}
I'm prepping away for the PokerRoad projects at this year's WSOP.  We have some disgustingly awesome stuff in the works, so keep your eyes peeled.  I think we are really going to redefine the way that online poker tournaments are viewed this Summer.  It can be tough with all the media restrictions, but I'm trying to get creative with the other partners so that we can all make some cool content and enable everyone to be professionally happy as well.  Stay tuned!
Hmmm, other than that, I have just really been digging on the new music that has come out recently, as well as the stuff that is set to do so in the next two months.  It's some of my favorite bands and I can't wait. 
The new Silversun Pickups album is just the sickest thing ever.  I didn't think they would be able to top what they did on 'Carnavas', but 'Swoon' is just simply amazing.  Do yourself a big favor and go pick it up.
May and June are just going to get filthier for new music as well, with Ben Harper ('White Lies For Dark Times'), Better Than Ezra ('Paper Empire'), Green Day ('21st Century Breakdown'), Iron & Wine ('Around The Well'), Eminem ('Relapse'), Tori Amos ('Abnormally Attracted To Sin'), and Dave Matthews Band ('Big Whiskey & The Groogrux King') all releasing new albums.  The new DMB album is shaping up to be some of the most amazing work of their career, or so the reports coming out are saying.  It's also dedicated to LeRoi Moore, their fallen windman, so that'll obviously put a seriously added emotional charge into it.
WoooOoOooooOOooow.  I think I am more excited about the new albums coming out than I am about the WSOP coming up...both are going to be damn fun...
As usual, stay tuned...the best is always yet to come...
tonight seems like a really good time to crack a corona and stick in "point break" -best idea i was given today/tonight

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