Calm Before The (WSOP) Storm; Las Vegas, NV
May 8, 2022
What's up, ya'll?  For some reason I have decided not to go to sleep tonight, despite the fact that tomorrow is a MONSTER day, with two huge business meetings and two radio show to do with Ali and Gav.  What can I say?  I'm not a smart man.  We know this...
It hasn't been an easy last month, far too many things happening.  Some good, many bad, many heartbreaking in some ways.  Obviously saying goodbye to Shronk was the toughest of anything.  I'll never, ever forget what it was like to find him with Amanda in his apartment.  You just don't get things like that out of your head, sadly.  Part of that becomes fixed in your mind and adheres itself permanently to the memories you have with that person, which is too bad.  The last thing you want to remember is them laughing with you and making jokes about something stupid, not seeing them in that state.  Tough stuff.
We went back (Stapes, Huff, John Caldwell, and myself) to Philly for his funeral and to try to ease anything that could be eased with Kim and Courtney (his mother and sister).  It was oddly very therapeutic to spend that day with them for me..  It went a long way towards replacing my final feelings with Shronkles.  If we only helped either of them for 15 minutes during that time, then it was all worth it to make the trip.  I can't imagine what they felt, and continue to feel.  I think they know -I hope they do anyway- that PokerRoad is here for anything that they need, or will ever need. 
Hmmm, was very strange to attempt to get back to anything after that obviously, but life sadly doesn't wait for anyone, or slow down for that matter.  That was very much impressed upon me during all of this:  life simply rolls on, and forces you to roll right on along with it.  As much as this is a necessity, it can't help but to break your heart a little bit while you are in the process.  It just can't.
Anyway, just been trying to lock everything down for the WSOP.  We are doing some very cool things, and partnering with some very cool entities to bring you some incredible stuff this WSOP.  It wouldn't be possible without my contacts within the industry and I can't thank them all enough for working with me on what we are soon to unveil.  It's very exciting for me to bring something like this about in an industry that is historically very divisive.  PokerRoad bridges the gap, baby!  Gonna be very cool... Poker News
Just killing the midnight hours away listening to Ben Harper's new record, "White Lies for Dark Times", which is another '09 masterpiece.  The music this year is just amazing.  Best music year I can remember in quite some time.  Another must have album.  Go pick it up.  You'll be stoked.
Awesome weekend coming up, which will provide me with a much needed mini-break.  Seeing Dave Matthews Band both Friday and Saturday and I couldn't be more excited.  Their new stuff is sicker than sick and I can't wait for them to pull it off live.  I have seen them so many times in concert that it is honestly a little embarrassing.  They got me young!  I was 17 and had no power over myself!  Haha...  Suffice it to say, these shows will put my number more than 60 live shows, but less than 70...somewhere in there.  And yes, I am a little ashamed of this fact, but will still jam out nonetheless...
Catch ya'll soon out there...
@howardhlederer @the_USO @HuckleberrySeed @phil_hellmuth @AnnieDuke @Tom_Dwan safe travels + great trip for you all.

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