Just Livin\' The Dream; Las Vegas, NV
December 9, 2021

My people! What is up? Man, I am finishing up a bit of a brutal week here at the Bellagio. I am actually very happy with how I have been playing. I have been basically in control of what I have wanted to do, save two hands I can think of, and have always been getting deep in each event...but just not deep enough. Poker TV

I have generally been getting through the first 80% of the field, but then not being able to push through much further. I have one cash, good for 15th place, but in all honesty that is pretty poor for how I think I should be doing.

Played the super satellite today and had similar results, playing until there were around 65 players left, with 30 getting seats. Grrrrr... Oh well, at least I got to chat with Evy Ng for the second half of the day. She\'s a great girl and someone I never get to spend enough time with. We have been talking about playing \"Guitar Hero\" forever, but now she has gone out and gotten \"Rock Band\", so I guess I have my work more than cut out for me...

Other than that I am just chillin\' recently and working on the site. Good stuff in the coming months, so stay tuned. I have been spending too much time on PokerRoad maybe though, as I keep missing fun nights out that people are getting into. Tao and Seamless has been hit multiple times in the last week by friends, but I had to pass...

I\'ll holler at you guys from the Main Event, starting this week...


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