Day 1 In The Books; Las Vegas, NV
July 5, 2021
Just too much going on at the WSOP to sit down and write a blog these days.  I try to cover all of my day to day on Twitter.  Keeps it tight and concise like that.  Short and sweet, baby.
Played my first day of the Main yesterday and it ended up very nicely, with me ending at my high point of about 79k.  Things did NOT start out that way though, as I was down to 13k in the first level!  It was just a horrendous mess of hands early on, as I ran Kings into Aces and managed to lose every time I picked up AK, which was 6 (!) times in the first level.  I had a great table though so I just tried to sit back and regrouped, as I knew they would give me opportunities to get it all back, which they definitely did. Poker News
I am looking forward to hopefully a deep run in the Main, so cross your fingers for me.
While I was playing the Main yesterday and alternately trying to chill myself out and get myself fired up, I decided to write about a few of my favorite songs for each, so here they are for you guys.  I have about a million for each category so this is just a little mental snippet...
Rev it Up:
1.  Behind Closed Doors,
Rise Against, "The Sufferer & The Witness"
2.  Just Tonight,
Jimmy Eat World, "Futures"
3.  The Frayed End Of Sanity,
Metallica, "...And Justice For All"
4.  Faint,
Linkin Park, "Meteora"
5.  Shiver,
Motion City Soundtrack, "I Am The Movie"
Chill it Out:
1.  Seek Up,
Dave Matthews Band, "Live at Red Rocks"
2.  Nutshell,
Alice In Chains, "Unplugged"
3.  Bad,
U2, "Unforgettable Fire"
4.  Revelry,
Kings Of Leon, "Only By The Night"
5.  Peaches And Cream,
John Butler Trio, "Sunrise Over Sea"
Catch up with you guys soon...
tonight seems like a really good time to crack a corona and stick in "point break" -best idea i was given today/tonight

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