Livin' Easy Back in LA & Social Networks; Los Angeles
July 29, 2021
I have to be honest with you all. Twitter is completely killing my blog. I am so busy filling everyone in with little anecdotes on my daily existence that I feel like there's nothing left to write about in my blogging life. You all already know everything! I'll try though, I promise...
It's been heaven being back in LA, running again every day, and just generally enjoying the pace of life that SoCal has to offer. Not that I don't love meandering around in the 115 degree heat of Vegas...believe me, I do. Ha. I, of course, miss playing in the Main Event at the WSOP. That should go without saying. That really was a ride that I just didn't want to end. I kept thinking about something Allen Cunningham said in an episode of Poker Road Radio he came on:
"I became acutely aware of how much I really didn't want to bust in that particular tournament."
Now, this is obvious of course, and he was speaking about his final table run back when Jamie Gold won the Main Event. I wasn't fortunate enough to make that final 9, as he was, but I understand exactly what he meant. Sure, it would be amazing to win the tournament, get the 8 million dollars, become the next poker ambassador, and all that comes along with all of that, but there was also something else that became incredibly clear to me...
It was a hell of a lot of fun to run deep in the Main Event at the WSOP. Poker News
Every day is a little more intense than the last. A few more people start paying attention and following you. It gets more interesting. Your phone rings a few more times each day, and you feel the pressure a little more each day. For an adrenaline junkie and a "live in the moment" type of person like me, it's basically pure heaven. 
I was proud of how I somehow ended up in 56th place out of 6600 players, despite never having a chip stack of any power, and really not having many big hands throughout the event. When I busted however, I was pretty bummed about it. Not that I had played badly or could have done much different, as I don't know if I could have, but rather because that ride was now coming to an end, and THAT bummed me out. I think I'm a sicko.
One of the amazing peripheral effects of that deep run was the support that I received in both social media networks that I use, Facebook and Twitter. I was absolutely floored each night when I would get home and read people's messages and tweets sent to me. There would literally be thousands of messages of "Good Luck" and "Hang In There!". It was incredible. I honestly think on some level, knowing that so many people were following along on Twitter at home absolutely willed me to just fight on and fight through most of the event, despite being short-stacked so often. It was truly an amazing and cool experience to go through with so many other people that I hadn't, and would never, actually meet in person. I was awed by it a little.
At any rate, life goes on. I busted out and it's back to regular life now. I hope that you all liked "PokerRoad Nation" this Summer. It's the first step in a bigger push towards our PokerRoad community and in about 4 months, you guys will see the second major step...and man, you are going to really like it. I can't wait.
Onward and upward ya'll...


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