January 6, 2022
Jon Vuong (@JonV): @BigEdJr Gonna be hard since we're all locked in the media room and you'll need creds to get in there.

1 hour ago

Taxi ride from airport to Atlantis Hotel

Balcony view from my room

Ferry dock on Paradise Island going to Nassau, New Providence Island

Dock on Paradise Island

Nassau, New Providence Island. This is pretty much downtown where all the cruise ships dock at.

This is the main street that goes through downtown Nassau to the bridge that connects the two islands.

Sitting on the ferry waiting to get back to Paradise Island

Reaching the dock on Paradise Island. The colorful buildings are time shares.

The 6th WilburySweeeeeet. And let me guess: the internet access by which you posted these is $65 a day.1
scott diamondMore pictures or die a slow death!2
shronkmomI'm so jealous, it's 29 degrees here and snow is on the way. Have a great time!0