Kevin Saul

I bet you all thought I forgot my log-in to communicate to the pokerroad peeps. Well, not so and I’m back. My new year’s resolution is to blog more this year, and to blog more consistently. I’m just finishing up my stay in the bahamas, waiting for my flight in a few hours and figured what better time then now to start? Alot has gone on the last 6 months, but I guess I will start from the most recent and work backwards?

So I played the PCA main event, had heaps and heaps of chips ending day 1 (like top 5 overall) going into day 2. Day 2 was a disaster though. Nothing went right after the 1st 2 levels and if it wasn’t for the stack I brought into the day I wouldnt have even made it to the last level of the day before busting out. After the main I played the 1k NL, the 5k NL and a 3k sattie to the 25k high rollers event. Nothing went well in any of those tournies!

Even though I didn’t win my seat into the high rollers tourney, I felt the field was relatively soft and it had a good turn out of like 86 players so I decided to play it. Things started slow and I incresed my chips during the 1st 2 levels when I decided to bluff all of my chips off to some euro kid’s AA….sorry but euros aren’t supposed to get AA ever! That left me 8k from the 50k starting stack, and I proceeded to grind my ass off. Right before the last level of the day I found a key double up vs Benny Spindler to get all the way back to 70k. I then card racked my way to 125k right b4 plays was supposed to end, then proceeded to bluff off 45k to another euro and finished the day with 80k.

Day 2 didn’t go so well. I hero’d off 1/2 my stack to Justin “BoostedJ” Smith on a AQ8Q3 board with a missed flush draw with AJ…he tabled QJ and I was back on the grind with my 35k. I grinded for a bit when I found a good spot to double with AK vs A1o all in before the flop, but a 10 flopped and I failed to improve and here I am waiting for my flight home.

And when I say home, I mean home…as in MY HOME!! Right before Thanksgiving I closed on my 1st ever house. Pretty exciting/stressful stuff being a home owner. I moved to the western suburbs of Chicago with in 5 minutes of both my Mom and Step-Dad and my oldest Sister. I then moved my other sister and her 2 kids in with me. It’s only been about 7 weeks in the living situation but I love how its working out for the most part and can’t tell you guys how great it is to see my niece and nephew every day when I’m in town. Oh ya, and when I get back tomorrow, well my sister is having a baby Thursday so I will have a brand new baby niece in the house too!! I will let you all how that works out too!!

Back in August I fracture my left radial bone, and have been doing therapy for 10 weeks trying to get my arm back in shape. Things haven’t worked out so well and when I get home I will be getting a second opinion on whether I need to have surgery to clean out my elbow. Hopefully I won’t need it but I think that will probably be the outcome since therapy hasn’t helped much lately.

Hmmmm..what else is new?? Not much in poker, went on a lil heater online in November so that was nice. I haven’t played much since I bought the house, but another resolution of mine is to start waking up and grinding tournies during the day online. I need to figure out a new schedule, and likely won’t be playing alot of nights during the week since I have a new girlfriend (who is amaxing) and she works during the day so deserves my nights IMO. Not much else to say, leaving for the airport in about an hour…here’s to a safe flight home for me with 2 nice naps 😉