What a difference a day makes…and in general what a difference one tournament can make. Thats the life of a tournament grinder. So much disappointment can come from bricking off tournament after tournament. Yet all that disappointment turns to excitement and electricity with one deep run. I haven’t done anything yet, but I’m off to a good start in this years WSOP main event.

I ended day 1 with just under 88,000 chips, where the average going into day 2 will be roughly 40,000. To make things better, the blinds are still really tiny, when we start back Wednesday we will be playing 250-500 50a, which means I have almost 200 big blinds!! The structure of this tournament is awesome, deep stacks the entire time and I plan on using the structure to my benefit.

Going into day 1, I had 2 goals. Goal #1 was simple, make day 2. Goal #2 was to gain a modest chip stack of 50,000 going into day 2 up from our 30,000 chip start. I achieved both goals, blowing my chip goal out of the water and putting myself in good shape to try and make a run in the main event.

My table was pretty good, a mix of good players who know how to fold and bad players who didn’t have much of a chance. My seat at the table was also pretty good, tho the guy on my immediate left played pretty well and I lost a lot of chips to him thru out the day with him basically card racking me when ever we played a pot together.

I think we lost 5 players total all day, with 1 busting on the last hand of the night, so the fact that I was still able to triple my starting stack without alot of chips on the table is pretty good. I tried to play patient most of the day, I even folded queens pre-flop in a really awkward spot and I think I was right.

Eventually I amped up the aggression and played a lot more hands once the antes kicked in. That lead to me getting all-in pre-flop with QQ vs David Singer’s A5o for 100 BBs each lol. Only time I was all-in pre-flop all day and hopefully I won’t be all in again in this tournament for a while.

Today was an off day and so is tomorrow before we come back to play on Wednesday. The plan is to just relax and take it easy and think about playing good poker when we get backl to work. Thanks everyone for the GL’s and well wishes, lets do this one time!!