I'm Not Your Friend: aka The Facebook Incident
April 28, 2022
For a while I had a legit facebook account. I rarely used it but I’d thrown a few photos up there and it was nice when friends of mine would tag me in photos of trips we’d been on. I probably had about 20 friends and had logged on less than a dozen times. 

In October maybe, my gmail account got hacked. I’m really not sure how this happened but I’m guessing I logged into my gmail account from an airport and someone got it this way. Stupid, I know, and I won’t be doing it again. So then someone changed my gmail password and systematically went through hacking all my s---, including facebook. They then proceeded to make friends with every single human on the planet and then ask them for money. Standard stuff that most people see right through but annoying nonetheless.

After four months of fighting with Facebook, I finally got the hacked site taken down. I have no intention of starting another profile but if you still want to be friends with someone who has put a random picture of me up on their page, you’ve got a few options. You can befriend “Paul G. Wasicka,” who’s rocking a picture of me from the 2007 LAPC, or “Paul Wasicka (Masumasu Hitori De)” who only has six friends, or my personal favorite “Paul Wasicka” who is showing some really nice pecs. I wish I could rep this bod, but I’m not black. ☺

Bottom line, I’m sorry if you thought we were actually facebook friends but we aren’t. I don’t have a facebook account and I’m not starting a new one. Lucky for you, you probably have 350 other “friends” you can go to for support.

The real Paul.
March 4, 2022
Well, I'm currently on the bus headed to the airport for tonight's draw party. I'm obviously very excited, but sad at the same time because I know that it will be a while before I get to see my girls again :(
I haven't played in a few days, but it feels like an eternity! I'm ready to get back on the felt and play my best, wish me luck tomorrow! I'll tweet who my opponent is as soon as I find out. Victory!!!

Paul Wasicka

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Wow, I'm a slacker...
February 11, 2022


So, I know it's been a while, and you are still wondering how I ended up doing in the Bahamas, right? Apologies to my readers for not posting PCA Day 3 earlier, but better late than never I suppose...
Honestly I'm not going to be able to remember many of the hands in great detail, but I can give you an idea. I started the day with a healthy 215,000 with blinds at 1,500/3,000/400. I started the day by raising the cutoff with 6,6 and taking down the blinds. This was probably the highlight of my day.
Folded to me in the cutoff and I raised 9,9. It folded to the big blind, an older gentleman whom I knew very little about. He called and the flop was A,8,4. He checked, I bet around half the pot, and folded to his 3x check/raise.
A few orbits later I again raised the cutoff to 10,000. This time with 76s. It folded to the big blind, who re-raised to 25,000, leaving himself with approximately 110,000 behind. I think all three options (call/fold/raise) are viable options, but I decided to let this one go.
Shortly after I raised J,J from the two hole and Jeff Madsen flat called from middle position. Everyone else folded. The flop was Ah,9h,8. Check, fold.
A few rounds later it folded to me in the cutoff. This time I looked at 6,6 again and popped it to 10,000. Again it folded around to the big blind, who in turn made it 30,000. Unbelievable!! I had to let it go and move on. I really thought he was likely to have two overcards in this spot, but I wasn't about to play a guessing game at this point in the tournament.

At this point we went on a well timed break. I regathered my composure and decided to lay low for a while.

Blinds: 2k/4k/500
A few hands into the level middle position raised to 12k. Folded to the small blind, who re-raised to 30k. I'm in the big blind and looked down at two red queens. At this point there were 228 left, with 224 getting paid (with a flat payout structure). I had 150,000. The small blind had about the same and the initial raiser had us both covered. I wasn't really worried about the initial raiser, as he had been fairly active thus far. However, I really thought the small blind had been playing extremely tight. Not only that, but it really looked like he wanted to make the money very badly. I thought about what to do for a while - I really thought about folding because I really felt like the small blind had a premium hand. I also thought about smooth calling, but ultimately I decided that I didn't like that option because I thought that if I shipped it that he would probably fold AK preflop, so why give him a free look at the flop? After much thought I decided to just ship it. The initial raiser insta-folded, followed by an insta-call from the small blind (with aces, of course). No suckout, gg fishy :(

In retrospect I think that I could have gotten away from the hand. I know it's easy to say that once you see the hand, but I just regret not going with my gut. I've talked with a few friends about the hand. They all seem to think that it was a standard bustout hand, so I can't get too down on myself, I suppose..
Bubbling is never fun, but I've been going deep in a lot of tournaments lately and I know things are going to start clicking soon.

PCA Main Event - Day 2
January 18, 2022

 Starting stack: 116,000

Starting table:
Seat 1: Huck Seed - A very good live player whom I'd never played against before
Seat 2: Andrew Boccia - An online player with good results; reminded me of Remmy
Seat 3: Ryan Fair - Another online tournament pro with good results
Seat 4: William McClintock - Qualifier whom I knew nothing about
Seat 5: Alex Brenes - Brother of Huberto Brenes. Alex was solid, had a very similar style to mine
Seat 6: David Zalona - Online qualifier
Seat 7: Angel Penalver - Businessman who seemed to play poker as a hobby
Seat 8: Me
Seat 9: Patrick Renkers - Online MTT player

Blinds: 500/1,000/100
I decided to take it easy for the first few rounds and see how the table developed. The day started out rough. First, I lost a flip to Huck after I raised from early position with A,Q and he went all-in with J,J. I called and failed to improve, which dropped me down to roughly 95,000.
A few rounds later it folded to me in the cutoff and I looked down at a pair of eights. I raised to 2,600 and the button very quickly moved all-in for approximately 24,000. I didn't think long when the action folded back to me, as he had 3bet an earlier raise of mine from late position. I called. Unfortunately he had T,T and I lost another decent sized pot to bring my stack down to around 65,000.

Blinds: 600/1,200/100
Shortly after the level change our table broke and I was moved to a new table with a lot of action. The only player I recognized was Steve Paul Ambros across the table from me (I was in seat 1). Again, I played very few hands for the first hour.
The big stack in second position raised my big blind to 2,600 (a common occurence, as it turned out). It folded to me and I flat called with A,K. The flop was As, 7, 4s. I decided to lead out 5,000, expecting him to raise. He didn't disappoint and made it 12,000. I quickly went all-in for about 60,000 total and he quickly mucked.

Blinds: 800/1,600/200
The big stack raised my big blind, yet again. This time to 3,800. An amateur called from middle position and I called from the big blind with Ac,6c. The flop brought a dreamy Jc, 7c, 5c. I checked, the pre-flop raiser threw out 8,000 and the amateur quickly re-raised to 20,000 (leaving himself with 40,000). At this point I had roughly 80,000 in front of me. I thought for a while about smooth calling because re-re-raising screams a monster. However, I thought that even if they both folded I'd still pick up a good pot, plus I didn't want to see the board pair or another club on the turn. I decided to just go all-in. The initial raiser tanked for a couple minutes before folding. The other guy immediately called all-in and tabled QJ, no club! The turn brought a very scary jack, but the river bricked and I was now up to 160k!

Blinds: 1,000/2,000/200
The first hand after break it folds around to the hijack to my right. He makes it 5,500 with around 45,000 behind. I pick up Q,Q right behind him and re-raise to 20,000. Both blinds fold and he quickly ships and I obviously call. He actually had a decent hand this time, but didn't hit his ace or king and I was now up to 200k.
Shortly after the table broke and I was moved to a new table with a ton of chips, which was rather unfortunate.

Second position raised to 5,500 and it folded to me on the button. I looked down at an A,J and decided to call, as did the big blind. The flop was Td, 7d, 4. They both checked to me and I threw out 6,225. The big blind called and the initial raiser let it go. The turn was a deuce. Check, check. River: 4. He bet 12,500. At this point I can beat missed diamonds or straight draw and that's about it. However, after analyzing the hand a bit more I didn't think he would bet middle pair here and I thought trips would try to extract a little more value. Therefore, the only hand thas me beat here is a ten (which he could easily have. But given the size of the pot and his range of hands I decided to call. He tapped the table and showed 8c,9c

I raised from second position to 6,100 with KhQh. Fourth position, a kid who had been playing fairly tight so far, made the call. Everyone else folded. The flop was 8,8,4 rainbow. I thought for a bit about what to do, normally just about everyone continuation bets here, but I decided to get a little tricky and just check. He thought for about 40 seconds or so before betting out 8,500. At this point I put him on a decent pair like nines or tens. I thought about check/raising because check/folding is just flat out inexcusable and check/calling is way too spewy. However, the more I thought about it, the worse I started feeling. I decided to just listen to my gut and go with what I would normally say is the worst option: check/fold.
Once the break hit I went to the bathroom and I saw the kid in there.
"Did you actually have anything that hand?" I asked.
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you..."
"Oh, you had a boat or something?"
"I had quads"
"Really? That's crazy! My plan was to check/raise you, but I just got a bad feeling at the last minute. Seriously, who just check/folds on an 8,8,4 rainbow board after raising from second position?!"
"Yeah, I know, that's why I decided not to slow play it because I thought there was no way you were going to just check/fold."
"Wow, I got really lucky there, that could have been a disastrous pot."
Who actually knows if he really had quads or not, but nevertheless it made me feel good :)

Blinds: 1,200/2,400/300
I wanted to open things up a bit this last level, but there were very few opportunities that I liked. I ended up winning a few blinds and antes, but no real pots of significance this level. I ended the day with 215,000. The start of the day didn't go according to plan, but I mentally prepared for all possible scenarios, which helped a lot. I have a good stack heading into tomorrow, wish me luck!

Props to @gcnmoo shipped the SCOOP 1k yesterday. Nicely done!

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