I'm Not Your Friend: aka The Facebook Incident
April 28, 2022
For a while I had a legit facebook account. I rarely used it but I’d thrown a few photos up there and it was nice when friends of mine would tag me in photos of trips we’d been on. I probably had about 20 friends and had logged on less than a dozen times. 

In October maybe, my gmail account got hacked. I’m really not sure how this happened but I’m guessing I logged into my gmail account from an airport and someone got it this way. Stupid, I know, and I won’t be doing it again. So then someone changed my gmail password and systematically went through hacking all my s---, including facebook. They then proceeded to make friends with every single human on the planet and then ask them for money. Standard stuff that most people see right through but annoying nonetheless.

After four months of fighting with Facebook, I finally got the hacked site taken down. I have no intention of starting another profile but if you still want to be friends with someone who has put a random picture of me up on their page, you’ve got a few options. You can befriend “Paul G. Wasicka,” who’s rocking a picture of me from the 2007 LAPC, or “Paul Wasicka (Masumasu Hitori De)” who only has six friends, or my personal favorite “Paul Wasicka” who is showing some really nice pecs. I wish I could rep this bod, but I’m not black. ☺

Bottom line, I’m sorry if you thought we were actually facebook friends but we aren’t. I don’t have a facebook account and I’m not starting a new one. Lucky for you, you probably have 350 other “friends” you can go to for support.

The real Paul.
Subbed for a buddy last night in rec volleyball. Some idiot came under the net and I landed on him. Time for #crutches

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