I played two hands of consequence today. The first came in the second round when UTG limped for 100, I limped 5,5 in late position and both blinds were in as well. The flop was Ks, Ts, 3h. Checked around. Turn was the 2h. Checked around. River was the 5h.

Small blind lead out for 350, fold, fold, I thought for a while and decided to raise to 925 and he called. I thought I was good for sure until he showed Jh3h for a flush.

I literally didn’t play another hand until the following hand. UTG limped for 150, then a guy who was on crazy mega-tilt (raising and re-raising literally every single pot) raised to 475, I picked up K,K two spots behind and made it 1,500 of my 3,000.

The tight old guy who had the flush against me earlier re-raised to 3,000, folded around to the mega-tilty guy, who put in his last 2,200 or so. Tilty guy has Jd,6d and old guy has Ah,Kh. Ace on the turn, g’nightkwicky. Online poker.
Two early exits, but I’m optimistic for the next tournament.