Grinding the 10/20 side games at the LAPC was short-lived. I only got to play for a week before my P.E.T. scan results had me back on a plane to Oklahoma.

I was stuck most of the time but had one big night that finally got me into the green for a small profit. I wasn’t at my best and there are a few hands still running through my head that I misplayed.

After the first round of DMSO treatment my P.E.T. scan results showed slight shrinkage of the tumor from 10cm in November to 8cm at its longest point. It has an SUV value of 10.8 which is aggressive considering that a value of 5 is considered cancerous.

There is also still no spread. I needed to hit this thing harder so I came back to Oklahoma and planned a more rigorous treatment schedule with my alternative clinic. I asked them to give me the works and boy are they!

Every day I’m still doing the DMSO IV drip. Every other day I’m doing spot hyperthermia with an infared laser, frequency therapy, and whole body hyperthermia. The last time I tried hyperthermia it didn’t work partly due to my damaged liver.

Since then I’ve finished a bottle of milk thistle and done two Myers Cocktails. Now my blood tests are showing a healthy liver and it is working smoothly. It stimulates the immune system and gave me flu-like symptoms(the most important being a cancer-killing fever) for a few hours. I have done 3 so far.

The first brought my fever to 102, gave me a splitting headache, intense stomach pains, and vomiting. A friend sent me a bottle of glycerin tincture which I took for the next two treatments. It helped big time. The vomiting and stomach pains were gone and the crushing headache became manageable even with a fever both times of 105.

It also got my appetite burning and last night I even stumbled into the kitchen for mashed potatoes while my fever was still at 101. So far all the treatments are going well and I’m having a good time staying with my nurse’s big household which has pretty much become my Oklahoma family. There is still a long road ahead but I’m in good hands.