Just Walk to Heaven
May 8, 2022
A quote from a cancer survivor in a newspaper read:

"I lost my faith in God and the afterlife. Heaven is here and now."

After facing a life-threatening situation you notice life's beauties more and more. I asked myself what my heaven was and the answer is actually simple: a return to normalcy. When your world gets rocked and permanently altered the only thing you long for is to get your life back on track.

Today marked an important event to bring me closer to normalcy. I got a temporary hydraulic leg which will be used for the first several months. Then I will be fitted with a more advanced microprocessor leg. The temp. leg is lighter and easier to learn but without a computer chip it requires greater concentration to avoid falling.

Learning to walk is like trying to learn a new language...frustrating. The movements are like this: I step forward with my right foot and put pressure on my left toe. This causes the left knee to bend. Then I swing the left leg forward until it snaps straight and the knee locks. If it doesn't lock then it will buckle when I take the next step. So far walking looks and feels awkward. I look like I'm constantly kicking something. Also, the leg is too tall. It needs to be taken in for adjustments. It's going to take a lot of practice to get the hang of this. If I want to get to my heaven I have to work for it.

The guy told me to practice a little each day, to go slow. I thought "Screw that! I don't want to go slow!" In my head popped the scene from Avatar when Jake Sully wakes up in his new body and runs outside like a maniac. If I tried to do that I'd end up eating pavement. Our technology is not that advanced on planet Earth...yet.

On a different topic, I'm really looking forward to the WSOP. It's always a blast. Cash games are my specialty but with demand for female pros so strong it's a no-brainer to play the tournaments and try to prove yourself. If I don't land any final tables then at least my friends will, and sharing in the excitement is a huge rush.

Edit: I just read about Mike Matusow's promise to streak The Strip if 3 women win bracelets. I'm assuming that the ladies event bracelet counts as one. So we really only need two more? New motivation to ship a tourney!

I miss my friends like crazy and would bet my last good leg that they're some of the most amazing people in the poker community. A few of them(Malia Bergman, Andrew Robl, Joe Sebok) have organized a charity tourney at Full Tilt for May 16th to help me get back onto my feet. I feel humbled and grateful for this. What did I ever do to deserve such good friends?


Surgery Time
March 29, 2022
The surgery is tomorrow. In the past month my tumor started growing again and I realized that I didn' have any more time to try and find a way to heal my cancer. In the past couple weeks it has been growing with a vengeance. The pain kept me up at night and made my days equally excruciating. I met with my doctor and told him that I needed the amputation as soon as possible.

I've been thinking nonstop about how different my life will be from now on. Things that were once so basic such as jumping, running, and dipping your feet in the pool are no longer basic. What was normal no longer is.

I hope that is marks the beginning of the end of this very difficult chapter of my life. It has been a long struggle. I'm ready to move on and build my life back up.

2nd Round of DMSO Plus Other Stuff
February 21, 2022

Grinding the 10/20 side games at the LAPC was short-lived. I only got to play for a week before my P.E.T. scan results had me back on a plane to Oklahoma. I was stuck most of the time but had one big night that finally got me into the green for a small profit. I wasn't at my best and there are a few hands still running through my head that I misplayed.

After the first round of DMSO treatment my P.E.T. scan results showed slight shrinkage of the tumor from 10cm in November to 8cm at its longest point. It has an SUV value of 10.8 which is aggressive considering that a value of 5 is considered cancerous. There is also still no spread. I needed to hit this thing harder so I came back to Oklahoma and planned a more rigorous treatment schedule with my alternative clinic. I asked them to give me the works and boy are they!

Every day I'm still doing the DMSO IV drip. Every other day I'm doing spot hyperthermia with an infared laser, frequency therapy, and whole body hyperthermia. The last time I tried hyperthermia it didn't work partly due to my damaged liver. Since then I've finished a bottle of milk thistle and done two Myers Cocktails. Now my blood tests are showing a healthy liver and it is working smoothly. It stimulates the immune system and gave me flu-like symptoms(the most important being a cancer-killing fever) for a few hours. I have done 3 so far. The first brought my fever to 102, gave me a splitting headache, intense stomach pains, and vomiting. A friend sent me a bottle of glycerin tincture which I took for the next two treatments. It helped big time. The vomiting and stomach pains were gone and the crushing headache became manageable even with a fever both times of 105. It also got my appetite burning and last night I even stumbled into the kitchen for mashed potatoes while my fever was still at 101. So far all the treatments are going well and I'm having a good time staying with my nurse's big household which has pretty much become my Oklahoma family. There is still a long road ahead but I'm in good hands.

DMSO IV drip, Chia pet hair

Infared laser spot hyperthermia




A Different Take on the Cancer Business
January 31, 2022


In September I agreed to go on chemo based on the advice of conventional doctors. I wish I had known better. After three miserable months of ineffective poison I was left wondering why there aren't more effective and humane ways to treat cancer. With billions of dollars donated for and spent on research, why hasn't considerable progress been made?

It turns out that there ARE better ways ...actually there are many of them. From reading books on alternative medicine and based on my experiences here at Camelot Cancer Care, I no longer believe that cancer is anything to be scared of. There are well-rounded, gentle approaches to this illness that conventional medicine(chemo, radiation, surgery) is unable to offer.

The first question that comes to mind is "If these effective, gentle treatments exist then why don't we about them?" You have to follow the money trail. Chemo drugs cost tens of thousands of dollars and Big Pharma profits immensely from being the main source of treatment for patients. Any method of cure not provided by it is considered competition. All-natural treatments are a threat because they are usually inexpensive for consumers and unable to be patented, meaning Big Pharma can't sell them at ridiculous prices. The best way to protect their cartel is by limiting the public's knowledge of and access to alternative treatments. Big Pharma has considerable influence on the government, media, science institutions, medical education, and even charity organizations. One would hope that pharmaceutical companies exist to help sick people but the grim reality is that money is the main objective. When you keep this in mind it makes perfect sense why our healthcare system is so atrocious.

Alternative treatments do a better job at addressing the causes of cancer. They are largely attributed to exposure to toxins and nutritional deficiencies which cause abnormalities in cells. In my experiences with my oncology office where I had chemo this was not talked about. But with alternative medicine addressing the causes is a key to being cured. At Camelot there is emphasis put on making lifestyle changes that reduce the body's toxicity and nourish it. By fixing your whole body you can heal and prevent a multitude of illnesses. This would be detrimental to the business of healthcare.

I'm having a good experience here so far at this clinic but don't have a progress report on the tumor yet. Soon I'll be done with the first round of daily DMSO(with Vitamin C and laetrile) infusion and getting a P.E.T. scan to see if it's working. I tried Coley Toxins as a side treatment but unfortunately my body didn't generate the high fever we were aiming for. My blood tests were showing considerable damage to my liver from chemo. I need to detoxify and repair it first to get my immune system back on track. The good news is that my blood tests since then have shown a lot of progress. There are other side treatments offered to attack the cancer from as many angles as possible and I will add those to my arsenal.

Below are resources I recommend and hope you look into. Even if you're perfectly healthy and fully trust conventional medicine it's worth it to learn about a different perspective. If you ever get diagnosed you don't need to pray for a miracle, just access to good treatment.

Bill Henderson's Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing

Suzanne Sommers' Knockout




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