Surgery Time
March 29, 2022
The surgery is tomorrow. In the past month my tumor started growing again and I realized that I didn' have any more time to try and find a way to heal my cancer. In the past couple weeks it has been growing with a vengeance. The pain kept me up at night and made my days equally excruciating. I met with my doctor and told him that I needed the amputation as soon as possible.

I've been thinking nonstop about how different my life will be from now on. Things that were once so basic such as jumping, running, and dipping your feet in the pool are no longer basic. What was normal no longer is.

I hope that is marks the beginning of the end of this very difficult chapter of my life. It has been a long struggle. I'm ready to move on and build my life back up.

Interview with Poker Static is up!

2 days ago
THEMILKMAN7Praying for a fast recovery, God Bless!2
TracerBulletGive 'em hell, kid.1
jh00kHugs from the PR Nation1
GuttergonebadGod bless, I will send you some good vibes for a speedy revovery!1
AxeGrinderWishing you all the best. Remain strong and may you have an upswing the rest of your life.0
Bird65All the best!! Hugs and best wishes from PR Nation!0
The 6th WilburyKeep up your strong spirit, Thuy. We're behind you all the way! 1
sman7878My mother died of breast cancer on march 4 2010 I know absolutely everything you are going through feel free to contact me.0
shynepo3good luck and you will get!0
poeticacesWrote you a poem-Check your facebook. Get well soon 0