Got My Life Back
May 24, 2022

The sound of cars zooming past in the highway below is usually annoying, but now. Tonight it is almost therapeutic, a reminder that I’m in the city again and back to living my life. It’s hard to believe that only two weeks ago I put on my leg for the first time and walked out of the office on crutches wondering how I would ever get the hang of it. Last week I ditched the crutches and walked into his office with a cane. He said that he’d never had a client progress so quickly. I told him that I had a life to get back to and that was plenty of motivation.

I’ve missed L.A. a lot and am glad to be home. Doing simple things like checking out the unique restaurants, exploring the city and spending time with friend is incredibly rewarding. Heck, even paying the bills isn’t that bad. The other night some friends and I saw Sarah Silverman and Aziz Ansari doing standup and they were hilarious. Aziz rehearsed some material for the MTV Movie Awards which had everyone cracking up. He is going to do a great job hosting.

Recently I signed as an agent with a new realty firm. I’ve been involved in real estate since high school and am soon launching a new business venture. I’ll be able to tell you more about it once my business card and website are made. It’s a very unique concept and I’m excited to be offering this service to people. I’ve resisted getting a Blackberry but with the need for a business line I gave in. You crackberry owners  were right…it is pretty cool.

I did a pretty long interview with Bret and EB at Poker Static talking about the usual things, poker and the past dark year. As I mentioned in the interview, if any of you played the tourney or donated to help with my medical expenses please remind me that I owe you a fat hug if you see me at the WSOP.  I don’t know most of the faces behind the screen names but whoever you are, I’m very grateful.



"@BillyMurph: @RealThuyDoan go Thug" ty! when u coming out?

10 hours ago
Seebsyessssss! see you soon at the wsop. 0
JL IIII am glad you are doing well. Your attitude has been inspirational. Best of luck.0
AxeGrinderI am so happy for you that you made such great strides so quickly. BTW, I heard that WSOP bracelets accessorize well with Halle Berry haircuts.0