Super Grinding and Playing With Phil Laak
June 8, 2021
The first part of the WSOP has passed and I've been playing at least 10 hours every day. Things have been eventful in my cash games but not so much in my tournaments. I've played five of the small NLHE tournies and busted all of them without cashing. It's frustrating and expensive. There isn't much room to play and with such a short stack I feel like I'm just throwing money away. As upsetting as it can be, I have to keep playing them and land a big score if I want to get sponsored.

In the cash games things started off slow. I wasn't winning much due to a dull run of cards, failed bluffs, etc. I was beginning to get really stressed out. I feel like I've been laid off of work for the past year and was starting my re-entry stuck a lot of money due to medical expenses. Add tournament costs and it's even more of a burden. Fortunately things turned around the night that I pulled my 25-hour marathon session at Phil Laak's table. As most of you know, he broke the Guiness world record for longest poker session, playng 10/20 NL at the Bellagio for 115 hours. I started around 10pm, joined Phil's table a couple hours later and stayed until 11pm the next night. It was funny looking around at how bloodshot everyone's eyes were. A lot of the players had been there for a long time. It was a fun table with a lot of action, big pots and excitement. At first I was up 3K, then lost a couple of big pots including an 8K pot where I had a combo draw versus two pair to become stuck 5K. I reloaded with 3K and by the end of the session ran my stack up to 23K for a 15K profit. I would have stayed longer to share the excitement of Phil setting history but Tom Dwan made the final table of the 1.5K event. I couldn't miss out on cheering him on, which I did while nearly passing out on the floor of the Rio. I don't know how Phil had the stamina to do it. The guy was a beast and all the while very kind to the fans that stopped by to rail the game. He was also slightly loopy at times but if I had been awake for that long I would have been too.

I've pretty much been a super grinder for the past week and will try to keep it up so long as I don't wear myself out. I'm tweeting a lot at if you would like to follow my time here at the WSOP.

Lotta women playing cash games today. They must be preparing for tomorrow's ladies event

1 day ago
~Red0nkulousLoved watching you @ the table. You made it extra fun. And thanks for saying hi to me on Twitter!! lol GLGL0
The 6th WilburyI love that photo. By the way, as I understand it, Phil is "slightly loopy" even when he's well-rested.0