I'm Not a Cancer Survivor Part 2
October 1, 2021

My stay at the hospital in Richmond Virginia lasted six days and was emotionally more difficult than my last stay for the amputation. Painkillers made the pain from the fracture bearable while I waited my turn for tests. The first was a full body CAT scan to see if the cancer had spread anywhere else. Fortunately it hadn’t, but the doctor delivered this good news somberly. The tests could only detect tumors that were at least 3mm in size. It was possible there were smaller, undetectable ones somewhere.


The surgeon performed a total hip replacement, which consisted of replacing part of my femur with metal and my hip socket with plastic. There aren’t nerve endings there anymore so recovery is less painful. The hip surgery went perfectly but it was the least of my concerns.


My doctor informed me that based on statistics there is a good chance the cancer will come back in 6 months to 2 years if left untreated. Sarcomas tend to spread to the lungs and the survival rate for lung cancer is dismal. A radiologist came in advising me to do radiation on my hip. It wouldn’t help the rest of my body but at least there would be some regional treatment. He practically said “If you don’t do any treatments the cancer will most likely grow back. If you do radiation, it will still most likely grow back but there’s a slight chance it won’t.” This wasn’t the most convincing sales pitch but I appreciated his honesty. If only my oncologist last year could have been this blunt of instead of quoting a misleading “70% response rate” I might have been able to avoid chemo. A different oncologist visited trying to convince me into more chemo. It isn’t effective and I couldn’t stand the thought of going through that hell again. Nothing else has ever brought me closer to death mentally and emotionally.


I felt like there was a ticking time bomb attached to my chest. My body was in suicide mode letting the cancer cells grow uncontrollably like weeds in a poorly manicured lawn. Based on the doctor’s news there was a chance I wouldn’t be alive in three years. In the coldness and loneliness of my hospital room I broke down a few times. There are so many things I want to do with my life. It’s not death itself that breaks my heart but loss of potential to do great things. I thought to myself that I would give up everything I owned for just five healthy years in order to accomplish a few of them.


Emotionally things got a lot better after being discharged from the hospital. That night four of my college friends drove down from northern Virginia and Adam Pliska came from A.C. to welcome me home. We threw a giant block of organic beef tenderloin, salmon and vegetables on the grill. Dinner was great and the company was better. I was still exhausted but being around my friends and family lifted some of the stress.


Since then I have been researching non-toxic methods to treat cancer that unfortunately are not offered by most conventional doctors. Chemo and radiation do significant damage to the body whereas non-toxic treatments tend to build up the immune system and specifically target cancer cells.  I have mentioned previously that playing live poker has built great contacts for me and the most fortunate so far has been meeting a guy that was in a position very similar to mine years ago.  His doctors told him that his cancer was sure to grow back.  He found a biochemist that specialized in alternative medicine that compared treating cancer to killing weeds on your lawn. You can poison it(chemo) or burn it(radiation) and it will destroy your entire lawn without killing the roots. Over time the weeds are likely to grow back. His method is to change the soil composition so that grass can grow but weeds can’t, thus to treat illness change your body composition so that it’s hostile to cancer.  Fortunately the biochemist has agreed to take time out of his busy schedule to see me. I’ll be flying out to Wyoming shortly to have him evaluate my case and prescribe a unique protocol to help me change my body chemistry.


The next couple months will be devoted to restoring my health which will entail a lot of research and a bit of travel. I feel confident that with the right guidance from knowledgeable people I can get healthy again. It will take effort on my part to find those people.


The past year and half has been a huge ordeal with life throwing one bad thing after another at me but I’m still sane and still fighting. If you have ever read Atlas Shrugged I feel very much like Dagny Taggart, a woman whose life is challenged by one thing after another.  Yet she fights through it with unshakable passion and determination. Though a fictitious character, she is my idol of strength.  If you haven’t read it yet I guarantee it will be among your favorites.

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Girl With Dragon Tattoo was awesome movie. Hope Hwood doesn't mess it up. At least Daniel Craig will be in it :)

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poeticaceshttp://www.cancercenter.com is doing some great treatments for cancer. 0
PullDaTriggerOncolytics Biotech is working on a promising cancer therapeutic based on a virus that only kills cancer cells, normal cells are unharmed. I belive they are currently running two lung cancer trials and a sarcoma trial (sarcoma trial may be finished). Please check out www.oncolyticsbiotech.com for more details.0
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shynepo3wow..i heard about you before, but i didnt know your story..my eyes teared up when i read that article by Cris B... pls get better..i'm praying for u..0