Waiting and Playing the Legends of Poker 10K
August 24, 2021

I still don't know yet if it's cancer. The biopsy was on Friday and it's going to be a couple more days before the results are out. The one shred of good news that came through this storm is that I got my health insurance reinstated. A lot of tears have continued to fall and I'm still scared but it's good to not have to worry about coverage anymore. It's crazy how poker continues to mix with my personal life. This past week I ended up playing a cash game with the head pathologist(cancer dude) of the place where I had my first MRI done in Vegas a while back. He remembered my case and pulled me away from the table to talk. It ended in me crying, once again. I do that a lot these days. At least now I'm more emotionally prepared for whatever comes...

On a better note, the WPT Legends of Poker 10K started yesterday. Starting stack was 30K. I ended day one with 59K and day two with 254K which is 3rd with 73 people left. On the tables assignment list it had me as "Thug Doan." The biggest pot was against David Oppenheim's 10 10 on a board of 10 8 5 with two clubs. My Q 10 of clubs binked a flush on the river. Luckbox foshizzle.

Since my chip count is higher than Daniel Negraneau's I offered him poker lessons. For some reason he thought I was kidding... =)


O tom is 3handed. I should head toi the rio

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