In September I agreed to go on chemo based on the advice of conventional doctors. I wish I had known better. After three miserable months of ineffective poison I was left wondering why there aren’t more effective and humane ways to treat cancer. With billions of dollars donated for and spent on research, why hasn’t considerable progress been made?

It turns out that there ARE better ways …actually there are many of them. From reading books on alternative medicine and based on my experiences here at Camelot Cancer Care, I no longer believe that cancer is anything to be scared of. There are well-rounded, gentle approaches to this illness that conventional medicine(chemo, radiation, surgery) is unable to offer.

The first question that comes to mind is “If these effective, gentle treatments exist then why don’t we about them?” You have to follow the money trail. Chemo drugs cost tens of thousands of dollars and Big Pharma profits immensely from being the main source of treatment for patients. Any method of cure not provided by it is considered competition.

All-natural treatments are a threat because they are usually inexpensive for consumers and unable to be patented, meaning Big Pharma can’t sell them at ridiculous prices. The best way to protect their cartel is by limiting the public’s knowledge of and access to alternative treatments.

Big Pharma has considerable influence on the government, media, science institutions, medical education, and even charity organizations. One would hope that pharmaceutical companies exist to help sick people but the grim reality is that money is the main objective. When you keep this in mind it makes perfect sense why our healthcare system is so atrocious.

Alternative treatments do a better job at addressing the causes of cancer. They are largely attributed to exposure to toxins and nutritional deficiencies which cause abnormalities in cells. In my experiences with my oncology office where I had chemo this was not talked about.

But with alternative medicine addressing the causes is a key to being cured. At Camelot there is emphasis put on making lifestyle changes that reduce the body’s toxicity and nourish it. By fixing your whole body you can heal and prevent a multitude of illnesses. This would be detrimental to the business of healthcare.

I’m having a good experience here so far at this clinic but don’t have a progress report on the tumor yet. Soon I’ll be done with the first round of daily DMSO(with Vitamin C and laetrile) infusion and getting a P.E.T. scan to see if it’s working.

I tried Coley Toxins as a side treatment but unfortunately my body didn’t generate the high fever we were aiming for. My blood tests were showing considerable damage to my liver from chemo. I need to detoxify and repair it first to get my immune system back on track.

The good news is that my blood tests since then have shown a lot of progress. There are other side treatments offered to attack the cancer from as many angles as possible and I will add those to my arsenal.

Below are resources I recommend and hope you look into. Even if you’re perfectly healthy and fully trust conventional medicine it’s worth it to learn about a different perspective. If you ever get diagnosed you don’t need to pray for a miracle, just access to good treatment.

Bill Henderson’s Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing

Suzanne Sommers’ Knockout