Pardon my philosophy.

That show Lost.. sickest show ever. I hope you all will agree. Why is it such an amazing show? Well, because it’s subject matter is the most deep and important that us and humans can really comprehend: Life, death, time, true emotion driven by the pursuit of higher answers about what is going on on the “island”.

I think so many people like this show but because we are all curious about higher answers about these topics… really in the end this is the reason we are all here on Earth, to live and eventually discover a higher meaning about why we are here.

I ponder these greater questions at length, and try to apply it to the tangible world I live in and improve myself. For example, dreams. Often I will have lengthy dreams, with an array of characters and crazy situations; i’ll have tasks to do, my dream could be like a video game, a movie, generally very elaborate.

I’ll often wake up and fall back a sleep, and re-enter the story line generally where I had left off. Even recently I recall waking up, falling back asleep, then telling my friends in my dream about the dream I had just had.

Where I’m going with this is that when we are dreaming, we don’t really know that we are. It simply becomes our reality… I’ve realized this is how to achieve our dreams in the tangible world; you simply have to see it as a reality. If you can already place yourself in the dream, then eventually it will become your reality.

Because, what else is there except our own thoughts and perception of this world? It is impossible in this world to comprehend really what it would be like to be someone/something else.

It is the greatest unanswered question.. what happens when we are not ourselves anymore? Not in an arrogant way, but how do we even know that anyone else percieves the world how “I” do, or even at all? “I” might be the only true being on the planet, and the world simply falls into place around “me”…? If we use this idea in a positive way; not disrespecting or looking down on the world; but instead realizing that “I” can change the world around me… then we each can become very powerful and influential in this lifetime.

After this lifetime… then what? Well, maybe when we fall asleep and dream, our consciousness has skipped to a different world temporarily… maybe less tangible but we don’t know what this state of mind really means, do we.

After this lifetime our consciousness may simply take a permanent trip to some other state of being, like a permanent dream. Or, if this isn’t the case, perhaps whatever it is that sparks consciousness in the first place still exists in our body… over great periods of time, this spark will get lucky and be reincarnated as some other, new conscious being.

This could take millions of years; the amount of time would be irrelevant, because maybe the space in between this spark is instant for us… as we are not conscious during this time. Possible, no? That seems to be a sort of scientific twist on afterlife.

So, why is the show called “Lost”. Well, I think we all will inevitaly feel lost at some point, but this is important. This means that we are in search of something, looking to find a true answer, an end result. It is this pursuit that makes life worth living. We may never, ever, ever, be capable of actually finding the end-all truth… but hopefully we never do.


WPT Championship: Played great the first day, day two the first level went poorly, was patient for a few levels but eventually got KK vs A9 and lost. Onto the next quest.