Here’s a cute way to feel like your part of the action during this year’s World Series Of Poker, even if you’re on house arrest in Guelph, Ontario! Bodog, the always innovative online poker site, is planning to run a scaled-down version of the WSOP during the Series.

Their series will give players a chance to feel what it’s like to compete, but without breaking their bankrolls, or forcing them to fly to Vegas during the hottest time of the year.

Bodog’s “Mini-SOP” will simulate the action taking place at the RIO, by hosting the same Hold‘em tournaments that are running in the Amazon Room at the time – but at 1% of the cost! For instance, on May 30th the WSOP is running a Pot-Limit Hold‘em event with a $10,000 buy-in. Therefore on Bodog that day, the Pot Limit Hold ‘em tourney will cost only $100 (+$9).

Bodog is doing this with all 25 preliminary WSOP Hold‘em events, which will lead up to their Main Event on July 10th. On the 10th, certain players who either performed the best according to the “Mini-SOP” Tournament Leader Board, or won their way in as “wild cards,” will have a chance to compete in a final tournament. The top three finishers in that tournament will win $12,000 Main Event Prize Packages to the original, Big-SOP – the 2009 World Series Of Poker Main Event.