I really do not understand what UB has been saying about the Blast Off relationship, I am glad Todd Terry is here to help with that.

One part of the interview in particular made me curious. About 53 minutes in the episode: The interview Transcribed:

Q: There was a settlement almost a year ago, in which Uri Kozai, Excaspa Shareholder/Founder of Real Time Edge, calculated refunds for the settlement. Why couldn’t the data he used, be given to the players? Surely it was complete. The amount of time the HH’s taken seems like UB is unwilling to give them up. Overall, can you explain why this took so long? Please do not say a lot of data to go over, as a year ago, these “spreadsheets could have been available due to the settlement.

A: Paul Uri Kozai did an analysis for Excapsa to confirm how much money they believed at that time was involved in the cheating basically to review the situation, because we were in a legal battle. They needed somebody that they thought was independent from their perspective, only Excapsas not from anybody else. They wanted somebody that they were confident into going and taking a look to confirm the cheating amounted to roughly how much money, so they could agree to a settlement. They didn’t really just take our word for it, that is was $22 Million dollars. They wanted somebody to confirm it. So that’s not our analysis.
They didn’t spend a ton of time doing that analysis either, really it was confirming what we were saying, so I don’t think that that report could be very useful to the players.

Q: Ok. So it was not a complete report. It was really just trying to confirm roughly how much the money was, so your company could get it back from the old company.

A: Paul – It was part of the settlement they wanted to make sure that they were, to do enough due diligence for their shareholder. That they had somebody independent from their perspective, to go and take a look at it. To confirm roughly how much this scandal totaled to.

Ok, now some info pulled directly from the report in question:

Link to Report in the Settlement

Starts at about page 146. Here are some things taken directly from the Report that I found interesting. These are statements from RTE and Uri Kozai

We understand that you as a court-appointed officer are required to confirm the U.S. Dollar extent of fraud. That you will be relying on this formal opinion in your court appearance.

We have been mandated to employ all resources available to us in order to determine the exact refund amount.

This report is an analysis of millions of hands played.

Access to entire database of actual gameplay on the system.

Entire databases are stored on a secure server at the Kahnawake Reservation. We verify that the databases are original and have not been manipulated. A copy of the database was given to the K.G.C

The info dates back to 2003 and these are the entire databases maintained with respect to U.B.

Summary from UB Security on how they determined cheating accounts.
1. Analysis of all accounts by higher than normal win/rates
2. Accounts Reported by End Users
3. All accounts linked with such identified accounts by IP Addresses
4. Same device for financial transfers

For each cheater we identified the applicable game logs from the central database.
This detail information about the hands played as well as all relevant transaction info.
The detailed (game) play we are to determine all hands that the cheaters participated in.

Once this is identified, we wrote a software script for the database where HH’s reside (archived) to restore these HH’S.

The HH’s are a series of records that contain the detailed play by play of each hand. The HH describes each action of each play in that hand until the hand completes.

The HH’s were then transferred to a set of tables in Oracle database in order to put a huge amount of data in a format that is accessible. We extracted all the records for all the fraudsters and indexed these records.

Third step was to calculate refund amounts. The data was used to determine the refund for each innocent player by employing am algorithm. All subject losses suffered by players were then compiled in a list of players to whom refunds were required to be made in order to make restitution to the affected players.

Theses refunds were independently calculated by atleast 2 different developers.

We understand that you extensively interview the original architect of the software code (who does not work for UB) to assist you in verifying the validity of our analysis. As a result of the interviews, you provided us with instructions to conduct (3) specific tests to ensure that all victimized players will be fully refunded.

1st test: Examine all accounts that shared an external IP address with known Fraudster Accounts.
2nd test: Randomly select Innocent accounts that lost to the Fraudsters, to manually extract all gaming sessions that the innocent accounts played with the Fraudster accounts.

We were instructed that the results of our analysis would be relied upon to refund the players.

RTE has no financial interest in Tokwiro or Excapsa, other than the fact that some of the employees of RTE used to work for Excapsa prior to the sale transaction to Tokwiro, and RTE continues to develop and maintain the UltimateBet software platform.