I’m posting this because I’m interested to see what others think of this hand. A lot of stuff has said he blew up spectacularly – opinions please. I’ve tried to show the hand as best I can from PokerNews.com updates so some things could be slightly wrong (stack sizes mainly) – however, I’m just looking for how everyone else would have played this. Will post my thoughts in a day or so.

WSOP $10,000 Main Event 2009 – $120,000/$240,000 – No Limit Hold’em
Seat 1: Unknown 1 ($x)
Seat 2: Billy Kopp ($20,030,000)
Seat 3: Unknown 2 ($x)
Seat 4: Unknown 3 ($x)
Seat 5: Darvin Moon ($25,030,000)
Seat 6: Unknown 4 ($x)
All post ante of $30,000
Darvin Moon posts the small blind of $120,000
Unknown 4 posts the big blind of $240,000
The button is in seat #4
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Billy Kopp [3 5]
Billy Kopp raises to $600,000
Darvin Moon calls $480,000
*** FLOP *** [K 9 2]
Darvin Moon checks
Billy Kopp bets $750,000
*** TURN *** [K 9 2] [2]
Darvin Moon checks
Billy Kopp bets $2,000,000
Darvin Moon raises $6,000,000
Billy Kopp raises all in $20,000,000
Darvin Moon calls $14,000,000
*** RIVER *** [K 9 2 2] [7]
Billy Kopp shows 3 5 – flush K 9 high
Darvin Moon shows Q J – flush K Q high
Darvin Moon wins the pot $40,480,000 with a flush K Q high

You’ll notice the stack sizes are convenient for ante posting etc. but they are simply going off the rough counts available to me. I also don’t have who was in the other seats, but they all folded without betting to it’s not massively important. Looking forward to hearing what you all think.
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