Listening Speaking

Yeah, like that’s an unusual occurrence.

Listening’s Razz Blog is what I’m “pimping” I guess. Though it is not monetized, so not sure how I get paid. I have to say I am starting out badly, inspired to start this to share my last post, which I just put up, about the dumbest serious Razz advice I ever read. I was laughing so hard while reading I had to stop. Anyway, click above if curious, I included most of it, but follow the link in the blog for the real thing.

It might get better.

I’m being negative right off, I keep saying I’m going to stop but THEY MADE ME DO IT!!!

After I finally finish this Razz book I am writing, I’d decided to put the “About the Author” right here. I talk a lot but haven’t said too much about me, except in a metaphysics kinda forum on 2p2 where I was told on several occasions to seek mental health assistance.

Too late!

Being an old broad with a couple toes at the edge of the grave might be why I thought I’d pick some place and leave my story. I like it here. And no one has to read it. I still get to talk.

So, post-book, around October end, I’ll meander back this way and fill the pages with night terrors and outraged nuns and sex in the 60’s. It will be, by definition:


…with poetry… Yikes!

You may want to start avoiding this thread now and beat the rush.

Prayin’ for youse gize as always,


TT once threatened to ban me because I told someone in a PM I was praying for them. True story!