There’s a fair amount of unrelated material in the interview (e.g. Makar’s arrest for a road rage incident). I’ll skip ahead of such things. Bottom line is that Makar received a Google Alert that his name was mentioned on the previous episode (as the guys attempted a prank call on Russ Hamilton). He decided to call in this week in response to that mention.

I’ll do my best to pick out some highlights on a second run-through. Now that my office is empty, I can crank this up and listen a bit better.

35th-36th Minutes: Preliminaries
Makar, who owned a computer store, serviced computers for Hamilton, Hellmuth, Annie Duke, Scotty Nguyen. However, Makar claims to have never worked for UB. Despite his inclusion as a key name in the UB scandal, Makar has never had communication with UB (other than the usual promotional emails).

37th-39th Minutes: Preliminaries
MAKAR: “They released what they wanted to release because there were other scandals going on that they wanted to cover up. There was so much other cheating going on that they didn’t want that out there.”

DDR: “So you’re saying that the Russ Hamilton, or the ‘Russ Hamilton Cheating on UB’ is only the tip of the iceberg, that there was others going on?”

MAKAR: “Oh, jeez… yeah! Russ and I were close friends. We’re not anymore. I was close friends with a lot of other people at UB but it got to the point where it was a joke. The people who mostly did the scam walked away from this. Their names were never mentioned, never brought out. They didn’t face any charges. Nobody has faced charges. Hand histories that were missing? I know where those are.”

DDR: “Really? Do you have them?”

MAKAR: “I have so much documentation because these guys were such idiots. Even after all these thing happened, they left things wide open for people to go in and get it…”

[DDR interrupts excitedly]

DDR: “Wait, Travis… do you have the hand histories? Can you access them? Can you get them for us?”

MAKAR: “For you? No. My lawyer has them. I even have recording of all these people in their offices sitting there–”

DDR: “Oooooh, one time can we get some of that?”

MAKAR: “It’s actually a federal case so it’s not like can turn over that kind of stuff. I’m talking about recordings, text messages, emails, programs that were used.”

DDR: “Is there any of this you can give us? We would love to show the public what this is.”

MAKAR: “No, I’m sorry.”