Bellagio $1500: 88 vs. Barry G

Originally Posted by Justin Bonomo

Perhaps you misread the stacks Clonie. We have 40k, but Barry only has 30k.

If we raise to 10k, and Barry shoves, we have a profitable call and can’t fold. We are getting over 2-1 and Barry has enough overcards in his shove range.

Also, it’s a disaster if he ever calls with something like QJs and folds on a missed flop when we could have had him all-in pre on that same flop.

I don’t think it is a disaster if he calls with QJ and folds on a missed flop. 88 isn’t that strong. A Q or J can come on the turn and river. It is almost a 50/50 if QJ sees 5 cards. 88 vs QJ is not just like AK vs QQ or below, the power of AK is it ability to make small to medium pairs lay down pre-flop. All other button hands are just hoping that they aren’t called, hoping they have two over cards. AK is only a big dog to AA and KK. QJ is a big dog to AQ,AJ,KQ,AA,KK,QQ,JJ and is 48/52 on all pairs and AK vs QJ is a 60/40. All are the most likely re-raising hands. The decision to push pre-flop to a re-raiser with QJ is dangerous. It puts your opponent in a difficult spot. This is why a raise of 10,000 is just as good as a shove.

If my standard re-raise amount commits more that 40 to 50% of my stack I shove. But if I can make a re-raise that is just as effective as a shove, I prefer to do that. My opponent is going to push back at the wrong time. I give my opponent the option of making a HUGE mistake, with the most likely re-raise hands I have in that spot. Sometimes I am going to fold, sometimes I am going to call, with this my opponent can’t say for sure that QJ won’t be called so them pushing in with it is not a good play against me.

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