Huff and Stapes Show


Originally Posted by Damontis
I agree with OP, but i’m done with 2 jacks. It was extremely funny but lack of communication with their listeners has done them in for me. Good luck on future episodes but if your not going to produce then listeners stop looking and listening.

Not sure with what he agrees with me on. I personally can’t wait for huff and stapes return. Those two have been busy as hell and i certainly can’t fault them for being too darn busy. Hell from Stapes’ twitter it appears as tho hes stuck in Scotland due to the land of the free no longer being quite as free…

On a completely and totaly unrelated note. I have an idea for either their first or an upcoming show. Have Seebs on. But not Seebs the representative of UB, or pokerroad, or poker in general. That dude is super high strung and i’d kinda like to see him in a format where he’s just sittin with a couple of buddies and shootin the **** without worrying about any outside pressure. That for me is what two jacks was. Just a couple of buddies who were relaxing and having a good time who allowed the outside world to listen in on them. I think Joey would benefit from that and I think it would lead to good radio.