Whoa… wierd… my first blog. Hmm, what on earth could I possibly want to write about on this momentous occasion.. Hi, my name’s Jeff, I’m a Gemini and I enjoy long walks on the beach and bluffing tourists out of their bankrizolls. I also enjoy occasionally using hip-hop spizeak.

I feel that I have a lot to share with the readers of this blog. I would be doing a disservice to you if I did not give you some diversity in what I write about. So.. some days, poker. Other days, philosophy. Other days.. a short story, perhaps? I think some days I may even create fake rumors about myself to boost my shaky ego. Whatever I decide to write about, I promise it will be new and interesting.

On another note, I’d like to officially announce my retirement from poker, as I have decided to take a shot at my true passion, professional gardening.

This will be my last blog. So long, Joe.