Full Frontal Matusow A Possibility “Thanks” To Poker2Nite
May 8, 2022
Mike “The Mouth” Matusow, one of poker’s natural characters, was invited to hang out with PokerRoad’s own Scott Huff and Joe Sebok this week on their popular poker news and entertainment cable show Poker2Nite, and the resulting interview has not only made significant headlines in the poker media world but is now likely to be frequently mentioned throughout the entire 2010 World Series of Poker.

Matusow, never one afraid to give an opinion, was on the show promoting his poker instruction company DeepStacks University, when he was asked by Huff whether he believed this was indeed what many are now calling “The Year of the Woman”- due to numerous recent victories by such female stars as Vanessa Selbst, Annie Duke and Liv Boeree.  Surprisingly, despite his deep knowledge of the industry,  Mikey barely seemed to take the question seriously and in fact went so far as to assume the guys were kidding.  When pressed, and told that the World Series of Poker’s own Ty Stewart, believed there was a good chance that women will claim at least three bracelets at this year’s Series, Matusow disagreed so vehemently that he vowed to run naked down the strip if it happened- allowing cameras to follow him the whole way.

Besides creating an arguably disturbing image, Matusow’s naked freeroll offer- whether serious or not- has caught fire online since the show first aired this week and has now been written about on such well known sites as Poker News, Gambling 911, Poker News Daily, Bluff Europe, Part Time Poker, Wicked Chops Poker and in countless blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter posts.

Matusow, with three WSOP bracelets and over $7 Million in live tournament winnings, has been around the poker world long enough to know better than to offer up a freeroll  proposition on television if you’re not serious, but still you have got to wonder if even “The Mouth” truly understands, just what he’s gotten himself into this time.

To catch his interview on this week’s Poker2Nite, visit the Poker2Nite website- presented by title sponsor UB.
Full Tilt Joins The World Of Formula 1
May 7, 2022
Full Tilt Poker, one of the largest online poker sites on the planet, has announced a new partnership with the Virgin Formula 1 Racing team, just in time for the start of the European Season. 

The new deal, which apparently has been in the works in one form or another since the team first came together last year, guarantees Full Tilt’s logo will be prominently featured on all the VR-01 race cars, as well as on their drivers, team apparel and around their pit. 

This new partnership will become readily apparent to average race fans this weekend at the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix in Barcelona, where the classic Full Tilt logo will be seen gracing the uniform of such racing stars as Brazil’s own Lucas di Grassi.

"We are absolutely delighted to welcome Full Tilt Poker.Net™ to Virgin Racing. We are proud to add an industry-leading brand to our healthy partnership portfolio and I am particularly pleased that we have worked hard together with a partner who has seen the team develop from its birth through to our first competitive steps. We look forward to going racing together with effect from this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, where Full Tilt Poker.Net™ will have a significant presence, and to helping the brand to achieve its marketing and business objectives in the longer term."  -Graeme Lowdon, Virgin Racing’s Chief Executive Officer

New players interested in playing on Full Tilt Poker can take take advantage of a 100% deposit bonus worth up to $600, as well as a 27% rakeback guarantee, simply by joining the site through PokerRoad's new Rakeback page.  Click here for more details.
PokerStars SCOOP: Events 6-12
May 7, 2022
The PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker continues to roll along, with pretty much every version of each event easily busting its posted guarantee.

Many top pros have been seen on the virtual felt as the SCOOP progresses, with quite a few even making the occasion final table.

The top prizes for the PokerStars 2010 SCOOP Events #6-#12, were as follows:

SCOOP Event #6 Pot-Limit 5-Card Draw

$11 Buy-in ($25,000 Guarantee)
$42,450 Total Prize Pool

1st.  Benny Binion- $6,476

2nd.  fly44- $4,563

3rd.  VAM000000000- $3,289

4th.  robinse- $2,016.37

5th.  AndyM._89- $1,203

6th.  kaosxlit- $636

$109 Buy-in ($50,000 Guarantee)
$69,700 Total Prize Pool

1st.  SCÖOTER- $12,288

2nd.  PiMaster- $9,061
3rd.  ImDaNuts- $6,970

4th.  berserk64- $4,879

5th.  colombusval- $3,485

6th.  Mikapower- $2,091

$1,050 Buy-in ($75,000 Guarantee)
$97,000 Total Prize Pool

1st.  RehabJack- $25,220

2nd.  Fishbone72- $16,975

3rd.  highland- $12,610

4th.  JannotLapin- $8,245

5th.  Wing-Tsun- $6,305

6th.  TabberNackle- $4,365

SCOOP Event #7 No-Limit Hold ‘em Heads-up Match Play

$16.50 Buy-in ($100,000 Guarantee)
$170,490 Total Prize Pool

1st.  style09- $22,593

2nd.  SebbyGl- $13,212
3rd.  A1K2Q3- $7,603

3rd.  Darren1712- $7,603

$162 Buy-in ($250,000 Guarantee)
$307,200 Total Prize Pool

1st.  gordo16- $52,224

2nd.  Unicum next- $27,648

3rd.  zdravko- $16,896

3rd.  jacob126b38- $16,896

$1,575 Buy-in ($500,000 Guarantee)
$768,000 Total Prize Pool

1st.  Tommy "tcblade" Chen- $192,000

2nd.  Shirtz17- $99,840

3rd.  XTheDecanoX- $53,760

3rd.  DDBeast- $53,760

SCOOP Event #8 No-Limit Hold 'em

$11 Buy-in ($100,000 Guarantee)
$183,530 Total Prize Pool

1st.  peanut111- $9,321*

2nd.  BIGCHAD8623- $14,000*

3rd.  GOONnGOBLIN- $10,455*

4th.  Abusadorx- $8,883*

5th.  Mr. Clint- $11,370*

6th.  joeppie- $3,670

7th.  truconis- $2,578

8th.  sangreala- $1,651
9th.  asturiano- $1,101

$109 Buy-in ($200,000 Guarantee)
$540,300 Total Prize Pool

1st.  Tipsy- $84,506

2nd.  FUTBOLCHE- $62,944

3rd.  badplyr99- $44,493
4th.  one-up man- $30,526

5th.  jomanda1963- $22,962
6th.  Jacks_h21- $17,559

7th.  Grant Levy- $12,156

8th.  prenmelbs- $6,753

9th.  binder673- $4,322

$1,050 Buy-in ($500,000 Guarantee)
$1,145,000 Total Prize Pool

1st.  BrynKenney- $200,146

2nd.  gabe2323- $145,415

3rd.  SFisch4- $108,775

4th.  WatchOutFish- $108,775

5th.  ags104- $57,250

6th.  KJulius10- $45,800

7th.  Magnifico18- $34,350

8th.  TheMasterJ33- $22,900

9th.  Cod Meharly- $13,167

SCOOP Event #9 Mixed Hold 'em 6-Max

$22 Buy-in ($100,000 Guarantee)
$127,700 Total Prize Pool

1st.  Ricebällchen- $16,294*

2nd.  X_B_L- $15,774*

3rd.  M.A.POKER-V.- $9,577
4th.  AceQuad- $5,746
5th.  TheHo85- $3,192

6th.  666zombie666- $1,915

$215 Buy-in ($200,000 Guarantee)
$223,000 Total Prize Pool

1st.  YourCute- $37,35

2nd.  Belabacsi- $27,875

3rd.  multious- $21,073

4th.  Bo$$playa425- $14,383

5th.  MUHoosh33- $9,410

6th.  Ginsash- $6,132

$2,100 Buy-in ($400,000 Guarantee)
$412,000 Total Prize Pool

1st.  jama-dharma- $94,760

2nd.  Pat Pezzin- $65,920

3rd.  Saul "iCeVeNoM" Khalili- $49,440

4th.  Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen- $32,960

5th.  Daniel "djk123" Kelly- $24,720

6th.  Radioheads- $16,892

SCOOP Event #10 Limit 7-Card Stud

$33 Buy-in ($25,000 Guarantee)
$51,930 Total Prize Pool

1st.  STRECHY73- $5,489*

2nd.  santorio1- $4,471*

3rd.  dinkata- $5,849*

4th.  Giocatore82- $6,269*

5th.  AKwoolston6- $4,127*

6th.  friedenreich- $1,557
7th.  Priitk- $1,038

8th.  Dr Shaft- $519

$320 Buy-in ($50,000 Guarantee)
$87,300 Total Prize Pool

1st.  bigblinger- $16,805

2nd.  Gunslinger3- $12,440

3rd.  MarMoss- $9,384
4th.  dreadnoughts- $6,765
5th.  skalexjung- $4,583
6th.  dpo18- $3,273
7th.  SenatorPhil- $2,400
8th.  Holger L.- $1,964

$3,150 Buy-in ($100,000 Guarantee)
$135,000 Total Prize Pool

1st.  NEWYLUCK- $49,950

2nd.  PokerGodZeus- $33,750

3rd.  jmonnett- $20,250
4th.  Adam "STUDstood" Roberts- $13,500

5th.  adsonvonmelk- $10,125

6th.  7CardRyon- $7,425

SCOOP Event #11 Pot-Limit Omaha Heads-up Match Play

$22 Buy-in ($25,000 Guarantee)
$77,960 Total Prize Pool

1st.  92-talentet- $11,269*

2nd.  leonydos22- $9,000*

3rd.  TigerFM- $4,287

3rd.  mannimo- $4,287

$215 Buy-in ($100,000 Guarantee)
$194,200 Total Prize Pool

1st.  ProCasanova- $30,130*
2nd.  Bballmike222- $28,130*
3rd.  tybyt- $11,652
3rd.  moonwatch79- $11,652

$2,100 Buy-in ($200,000 Guarantee)
$388,000 Total Prize Pool

1st.  Astrolux85- $87,960*

2nd.  Patonius2000- $75,000*

3rd.  ur_beatAA- $31,040

3rd.  jadedjason- $31,040

SCOOP Event #12 No-Limit Hold ‘em (Knockout)

$27 Buy-in ($100,000 Guarantee)
$294,220 Total Prize Pool

1st.  SNGWizard- $34,422

2nd.  chokdee- $25,099

3rd.  Illini213- $19,124

4th.  marado_pkr- $13,329

5th.  Ljolja777- $10,297

6th.  edmundtrebus- $7,355

7th.  rehzz- $5,001

8th.  pantely24- $2,647

9th.  bucurone- $1,765

$265 Buy-in ($200,000 Guarantee)
$580,200 Total Prize Pool

1st.  ubon1- $91,382
2nd.  eljay42- $68,173
3rd.  dcoop4506- $48,736

4th.  bankrollme87- $33,361
5th.  asdf78- $25,238

6th.  manifest23- $19,436

7th.  miamihawk99- $13,634

8th.  zenmaster666- $7,844

9th.  MaxBNuts- $4,931

$2,600 Buy-in ($300,000 Guarantee)
$836,000 Total Prize Pool

1st.  nikov- $160,428.40

2nd.  kudos1017- $119,130

3rd.  t soprano- $87,780

4th.  Danny 98765- $66,880

5th.  BreakRibs- $46,816

6th.  ryandawg15- $35,530

7th.  aaaaaaaa- $27,170

8th.  garompon- $18,810

9th.  delaney_kid- $13,877

*Denotes a deal made at the final table

For more information on the PokerStars SCOOP series check out the official PokerStars blog.
Leggett Responds To New Cereus Security Concerns
May 7, 2022
A potentially exploitable security flaw in the Cereus Poker Network software, reported by online site, created quite a stir yesterday, prompting Tokwiro COO Paul Leggett to post a blog addressing the issue mere hours after the story first appeared.

The flaw, apparently a result of Cereus’ non-standard encryption method, according to the article makes it possible for other users to see a player's personal information if they are on the same network (wired or wireless)- including their hole cards- simply by employing a relatively basic computer program and hack.

Leggett, having perhaps learned from criticisms on how his company handled the earlier UltimateBet scandal, not only responded to this new issue very quickly, but also admitted there was indeed a problem, while offering assurances that it would be corrected shortly.

To read Paul Leggett’s blog post at UB, click here.