Big Name Pros Launch ProPlayLive
March 30, 2022

Another new online training site has just entered the highly competitive poker instruction market and this one claims to have the most well known pros and the most bracelets of any site out there. 

The new site, called ProPlayLive, features training videos from Annie Duke, Erik Seidel, Bill Chen and two WSOP main event champions, Tom McEvoy and Greg Raymer.

It's no accident that ProPlayLive mainly features players known for their live tournament success, indeed that seems to be the sites primary strategy, focusing on pros casual players will recognize.

"There are a number of good poker training sites in the marketplace today, but their instructors are predominantly online poker players who the general public has never heard of. Our approach was to offer great poker training for both the online player and the live game player who visits casino poker rooms or plays home games and do it with instructors that have proven live game success," said Beverly Pipes, Director of Customer Service at
Although obviously one of the newest training sites on the market, ProPlayLive reportedly has over 100 videos already archived with more soon to come. 

Another key selling feature seems to be ProPlayLive's price, which is competitively set at about $20 a month with one of the lowest signup fees on the market ($49.95).  ProPlayLive also offers a "Bulk Buy" plan, for those who hate initiation fees.  For more information visit

Story by Mark Anderson

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