"SimonMaxwell" Takes The Cake
April 1, 2022

Cake Poker held their new monthly $250,000 guaranteed tournament last Sunday and over 1100 players paid the $268 buy-in for a chance at a piece of the pool.

The winner of the event was online player "SimonMaxwell" who interestingly enough just barely beat out a "Hevad Khan," to earn a respectable $57,135.53 first prize.  For the second, "Hevad Khan" earned $40,220.25.

The final table finish positions for the Cake Poker $250,000 Guarantee (3/29/09) were as follows:

1st.  SimonMaxwell - $57,135.53

2nd.  Hevad Khan - $40,220.25

3rd.  tiltsohard - $26,984.65

4th.  hartless - $20,024.55

5th.  Bangkok_dan - $13,577.90

6th.  rps5000 - $10,297.52

7th.  Reetale - $7,559.12

8th.  SMP177M - $5,676.48

9th.  S.Melnichuk - $4,792.20

To find out more about the new Cake Monthly $250,000 Guarantee, or to play in the next one, just sign up for a free Cake Poker account.  Click here to download the software.

Story by Mark Anderson

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