No Not That Khan
April 1, 2022

Yesterday, the PokerRoad News Department may have given the misleading impression that PokerStars Pro Hevad Khan had recently placed second in the monthly Cake Poker $250,000 Guarantee tournament (okay we pretty much blatantly said he had).  As it turns out, according to newly discovered sources, that is almost certainly not the case.

This new information, uncovered from The Poker Beat's "The Insider," seems to suggest that not only was some other internet player, just using the name "Hevad Khan," responsible for the second place cash (despite what we and other major online poker news sites reported) but that the practice of using other pro's names as an online handle, is somewhat rampant in the online poker world.

Given this new information, there is now some real question as to whether or not I really did beat PokerRoad's Phil Ivey the other day, when I believed he was playing under the name "Phillup_Ivey" in that $5 PL Omaha 8/or better sit-n-go game on Stars (like I told all my friends).  Or if I really did knock out "Johneee Chan" in that $2 multi-table tournament on Bodog.  Apparently there is a good chance I did not.

On behalf of the News Department, we are sorry and now a little depressed.

Retraction by Mark Anderson

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