Hawkins As The "Sno0oman" Wins Bluff Online Poker Challenge
April 1, 2022

Brian "Sno0owman" Hawkins, defeated some of the toughest online poker players anywhere yesterday, when he officially took down the Bluff Online Poker Challenge, after a solid month of sit-n-go and multi-table tournament grinding on Lock Poker.

Hawkins turned the initial $200 bankroll given to him on March 1st, into an astounding $25,066.74  by the end of the Challenge, easily beating even the closest of his 25 initial competitiors by more than $20,000.

Other players who competed in the Bluff Online Poker Challenge were Bret "Gank" Jungblut, Brandon Cantu, Shaun Deeb, Eric Lynch and recent WSOP-C Rincon runner-up, Esther "E-Tay" Taylor.  PokerRoaders included were Maria Ho, Adam Junglen, Kevin Saul and Bryan "Devo" Devonshire.

For the victory, Hawkins will now be featured on a future cover of Bluff magazine and will recieve a free buy-in to an upcoming Dream Team Poker event, to compete along side second place finisher Garrett "gbecks" Beckman.

For more information on the Bluff Online Poker Challenge check out, for the complete list of standings as well as video blogs featuring the players as they competed throughout the month.

Story by Mark Anderson

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