Texans One Step Closer To Playing Legal Taxed Hold 'em
April 3, 2022

Thanks to a new bill that recently passed a state House committee, citizens of Texas may soon have greater access to the game that bears their state's name.

The bill, H.B. 222- "Poker Gaming Act of 2009"- was offered by Texas State Representative Jose Menendez last November and allows for the licensing of certain establishments, in order to let them legally spread poker games for profit. 

Currently, poker players in Texas are allowed to play and gamble amongst themselves for fun, but no one is allowed to profit or take a rake from the games themselves.  If this current law passes, not only will individual communities have a chance to vote to allow certain businesses the opportunity to become card rooms but charity organizations will also have the ability to run poker tournaments as a means of raising much needed funds.

Now that H.B. 222 has passed through the House's Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee it will continue onward to the Calendars Committee, where a date will be set to open the bill to the full House of Representatives for debate.

Obviously there are still many steps before Texans can abandon the basements and back alleys that currently make up the underground poker scene in Texas, but with this recent hurdle now overcome, legal poker clubs in Texas appear to be closer to reality than ever.

Story by Mark Anderson

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